Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look Like Home

The dust is settling from the renovation – the floors are done, the painters are finished and all I’m waiting for now are my window treatments which should be here in about 3 weeks. 

I got my Blooming Nine Patch finished, but it’s been renamed “The Frog Prince”.   I quilted this baby twice – the first time with a small pleat in the backing that I knew would drive me crazy, so I frogged the whole thing.  It took me almost 2 weeks, but as my grandmother always told me, if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  I’m glad I did.

The Frog Prince 003

Here’s a close-up of the quilting:

Frog Prince Close Up 001

The panto is Ambrosia and after doing it twice, I could do it in my sleep.

I can’t believe that it’s almost March and that is the only quilting I’ve done this year.  I’m going on a Retreat in a couple of weeks, so I better get my act together and decide what I’m going to take to work on.

When my sewing room was under construction, I did do a bit of knitting.

Scarves 002

These scarves are so popular – it seems everyone who sees one, wants one.  There was a lady here on Saturday helping me decide on window treatments and when she saw them, she asked if she could buy one so I did actually knit 5.  They knit up so quickly, but now the yarn is sold out everywhere. 

I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day spent with Bon Jovi.  He put on another amazing concert – in my opinion, even better than the one in July.  My favourite quote of his for the night was “Bon Jovi is like Viagra for women”.  It’s the smile, girls – his smile just melts my heart!!!!

Tonight Sandra & I are going to see Billy Elliot, the musical.  I’m not really sure what to expect.  We both watched the movie so know the story – I just hope we can understand them better.  I usually don’t have a problem with English accents, but I spent more time rewinding to try and figure out what they said than I did watching the movie!

I’m also missing my best friend Lee.  She is down in sunny McAllen Texas for a couple of months and every day I see the wonderful weather she is getting and look out my window at the snow and freezing cold.  She wanted me to come down for a week and I really wanted to go, but in order to get there from here I would have to take 3 flights and that just doesn’t appeal to me.  As you know, I don’t like flying to begin with and the thought of all those changes and layovers, especially by myself, makes me a bit nervous.  With so many flight cancellations due to weather this winter, it would be just my luck to get stranded somewhere like Detroit.

So, I live vicariously through her e-mails and console myself knowing that I can order anything I want and have it shipped to her and she will bring it back for me :-)  I wonder just how much fabric a trailer will hold?  I don’t think her husband wants to find out!