Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Hands

I think I’m going to have to add “Knitting” to my header as there seems to be a lot more knitting going on around here lately than quilting.

I just finished this scarf by Churchmouse and enlisted Bruno’s help to model it for the picture.

Knitting 005

It was very easy – after you get the 648 stitches cast on!  The yarn I used is 100% milk fiber.  I’m not sure if it will turn to butter when I wash it.  Who knew you could make yarn from milk!

It was originally knit in Koigu, which is a Canadian yarn and comes in some luscious colours.  Here are just a few that I couldn’t resist buying.

Knitting 007

The two on the far left are actually Bamboo from a local company called Dyeversions.  I’ve made many scarves from their bamboo before and it is a dream to work with and drapes beautifully.

The three in the middle are to make this.  It is knit horizontally too and looks like it’s woven when it’s done.

My friend Lee just got back from Texas and just in case I ran out of wool, I ordered some from Knitpicks and had it shipped to her to bring back for me.  This should keep me busy for a while.

Knitting 008 I plan to knit socks with this.

As if that wasn’t enough, a friend gifted me this on the weekend:

Knitting 010

It’s Mini Mochie and I think suitable for socks too.

I do still quilt – honest – in fact I went to a quilting retreat this weekend.  I must admit I spent more time knitting than sewing as I took all the wrong things.  I am determined to get all my kits sewn, so I picked a couple and thought I was all set – wrong!

One of the kits was short fabric so I couldn’t complete the tablerunner.  When I pulled out the second kit and started reading the instructions, I realized I needed a book which was at home.  It was an add on to a Bag Lady class I had taken several years ago and I didn’t realize the pattern was from the book – I thought it was in the kit.

I did get this accomplished though.

Knitting 002

There are supposed to be 4 blocks on the right, and they were designed to be placemats with some additional blocks and sashing.  I think I’m just going to put them on point, add some set in triangles and call it finished.

My hands and wrists are killing me from all the knitting I’ve been doing, so I think I need to give knitting a rest and get back to finishing some of these quilting projects.