Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Break

I’m not sure why I continue to blog – my posts are getting fewer and farther between, but it does give me a record of what I’ve accomplished – or not!

It’s been a productive month around here with lots of finished projects. 

First up is my Mystery Quilt from Border Creek Station.  This was a monthly mystery and was a lot of fun to do and the instructions were excellent.  They were so good, in fact, that I’m doing another one this year, but I decided just to do the lap size this year!


This is the accessorized version:


I still haven’t figured out how to keep my font the same on Live Writer and it is STILL driving me nuts!  Every time I insert a picture or put in a link, it reverts back to this tiny little font.  Grrrrrrr…….

Here’s my handsome model Bruno, modeling another ruffled scarf that I finished.  This pattern comes from Churchmouse



Our Guild is holding their Quilt Show this year, so I made a couple of items for their Tombola.




I was at Retreat last weekend and I always come back from that full of inspiration.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that I’d like to do. 

On a completely different note, if you are an Adele fan and haven’t seen her “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” DVD, run right out and buy it.  It is absolutely amazing!!!!  Sandra & Darren gave it to me for Christmas but I just watched it a week ago and all I can say is WOW!  She has a mouth on her like a trucker, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard before and perhaps occasionally used Smile

I got sucked into Idol again this year, and I’ve also added The Voice to my list on the PVR.  I really like The Voice – maybe just because it’s different, but there is some great talent on there and Blake Shelton isn’t too hard on the eyes either.  Maybe if I stopped watching so many singing competitions I’d get more done!  I do knit while I’m watching TV, so that takes away some of the guilt.

This has been the winter that wasn’t here in Southern Ontario.  Our crocuses were in full bloom on Wednesday and the daffodils are up about 3”.   Leo brought me these this morning and while they didn’t come from our garden, they are beautiful nonetheless.


I almost forgot – remember these?

Socks 003

The top pair were knitted from yarn from Knit Picks, I believe it was Stroll Tonal, and the bottom ones were Madeleintosh Sock.  While I absolutely love working with Madeleintosh, I won’t be knitting any more socks with it.  These were knit in November of 2011 and the sole wore completely through on them.  I’ve heard you should always knit socks with a bit of nylon in them and I’ll listen to that advice in the future.  I should have taken a picture of them, but I was so mad I threw them out before I thought about it.  Has anyone else had this problem?