Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back to Houston

While the Quilt Show seems like a distant memory now, I still have lots of lovely quilts to show you.

You can’t tell very well from this picture, but this quilt had lots of embellishment – including feathers!

Texas October 2009 156

Texas October 2009 157

Can you find the 12 differences on this one?

Texas October 2009 159

The detail in this one was incredible.

Texas October 2009 160

I loved this owl, but as my dear friend Ann would say, if you stick an animal anywhere on a quilt, she’ll like it!

Texas October 2009 162

Texas October 2009 163 

Texas October 2009 164

Texas October 2009 167

These appliqué quilts are just outstanding.

Texas October 2009 168

As you can see, I like the traditional and the modern – this one really caught my eye!

Texas October 2009 169

Don’t you wonder where people come up with their ideas?

Texas October 2009 172

I’ll leave you with this one of Mick and the boys that I just loved!

Texas October 2009 173

I still have lots more pictures to share so stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Giveaway

I came across a great giveaway on Jackie’s blog and wanted to share it with you.

Hurry on over here and enter your name to win!

I’ve been working full time this week as it’s our year end at work.  I’ll get back to the rest of the quilt show pictures soon…

Since I hate to post without a picture, here’s a picture of my grandkitty Lucy playing peek a boo – isn’t she adorable!

Lucy Peek A Boo

Monday, October 26, 2009


We arrived in Houston just shortly after noon on Thursday and headed straight to the show.  I’ll apologize in advance for not getting the names of the artists on the pictures I took.  I wasn’t going to take my camera at all, but on our last day there, I gave in and spent the best part of the day photographing the quilts.

This little quilt was in the Sulky booth and it reminded me of Mary’s strippy quilts, but utilized embroidery designs instead of a focus fabric.  I also liked the use of the scraps in one of the strips.

Texas October 2009 133

I fell in love with this Hunter Star quilt in Deb Tucker’s booth.  I love this woman – she is a beautiful quilter and designed some great rulers.  I also think she could sell ice to Eskimos.  I bought her Hunter Star ruler at MQX and bought the rest of her rulers here. 

Texas October 2009 135

Here’s another of Deb’s quilts using her Tucker Trimmer.

Texas October 2009 136

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t just take pictures at the vendors – the rest are coming!

This quilt was in Superior’s booth to showcase their new Texture Magic.  This stuff is amazing!  I’d seen it on their website, but didn’t realize the versatility of it until I watched the demo and saw everything that can be done with it.  They had some gorgeous bags made with this and they put the decorative stitches on your machine to good use to give it even more texture. 

Texas October 2009 134

I’m not sure why some of my pictures have the date and time stamp on them and some don’t – I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing with this camera but so far, I’m happy with the pictures.

This was one of the big winners and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Texas October 2009 203

This was Best in Show by Carol Bryer Fallert.Texas October 2009 140

I loved this quilt – this is the artist’s granddaughter and I love how she made it look like an old photograph. 

Texas October 2009 144

Texas October 2009 143

Texas October 2009 146

Texas October 2009 147

Texas October 2009 149 Texas October 2009 148

Texas October 2009 151

I’ll leave you with this little guy and post more tomorrow.  Hope you are enjoying the show!

Texas October 2009 154

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 2 in Dallas

We couldn’t go to Dallas without visiting the site where JFK was shot that memorable day almost 46 years ago.  There isn’t a person alive my age or older that doesn’t remember where they were that fateful day.  I was in my Grade 7 classroom and remember coming in from recess and our teacher had written on the blackboard what happened.

Texas October 2009 103

This is the old School Book Depository building where the shot was fired from the top floor.

Texas October 2009 092

It would be very easy to drive by this site without realizing the historical significance.  It isn’t really marked unless you knew what you were looking for. 

Just across the street is the old Court House building which is a beautiful old building and I loved the gargoyles on the roof.

Texas October 2009 102

From here, we headed off to the University of Texas Southwestern Oncology building.  Ann is a breast cancer survivor and she makes pillows for the chemo patients so she wanted to drop them off.  I have heard her talk so highly of this facility, I was anxious to see it and wasn’t disappointed.

This gorgeous Chihuly is in the lobby.

Texas October 2009 108

With universal health care the hot topic of discussion, it was a real treat to see this wonderful facility.  These azaleas were so gorgeous, I just had to snap a picture of them too.

Texas October 2009 110

Then we headed out to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and took a tour.  This is one amazing place with the 2 largest flat screen TVs in the world back to back.

Texas October 2009 112

It’s really hard to describe the scope of this building but everything is state of the art and absolutely no expense was spared.  I found it interesting that the millions of tiles inlaid in the floor were all imported from Canada. 

Texas October 2009 116 $5 for a coffee or a bottle of water – take your pick!

Texas October 2009 119

We even got a tour of the locker room, but unfortunately, it was empty!

Texas October 2009 124

The lockers are all solid wood.

Here are Ann, Lee and Jeanne standing under the Cowboy’s Star in the Locker Room.

Texas October 2009 125

To finish off our day we visited Quilt Country in Lewisville, Texas.  What a beautiful store just full of inspiration – not to mention more than 9,000 bolts of fabric!

This mural is on the wall outside their store.

Texas October 2009 129 Next, we head to Houston!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Goats and Pigs and Kangaroos – Oh My

After getting our fill of the craft building, we headed off to see the animals at the Fair.  My favourite by far were the baby goats – from a distance they looked just like puppies and were bouncing around all over the place.

Texas October 2009 062

To prove just how naive I am (or maybe I can blame it on the fact that I’m a city girl), we saw this kangaroo and when I saw the baby hanging out, I thought it was giving birth.  I was soon set straight that it was in it’s mother’s pouch.

Texas October 2009 067

No wonder this poor mother was lying down with all these little piggies eating!

Texas October 2009 069 We saw the parade at nightfall.

Texas October 2009 086


Texas October 2009 089

The Ferris wheel lit up the sky and was a fitting end to a great day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to the Fair

Texas October 2009 035

There were so many wonderful items on display, it was hard to get pictures of all of them, and even harder to decide which ones to share with you. Texas October 2009 036

Texas October 2009 037

I used to do a lot of work like this – back before arthritis was in my daily vocabulary. 

There were rows and rows of jams, jellies, spreads, dips, pickles, etc.

Texas October 2009 042

Down in the corner of this next picture is a Santa tablerunner the same as the one I actually finished this year.

Texas October 2009 045

This next picture was one of my favourites from the exhibit.  The whole thing was no more than 12” tall and the detail was amazing.

Texas October 2009 046

I loved the little kitty playing outside the door.  Here is a close up of inside the store.

Texas October 2009 047

Check out these shoes – where do people come up with these ideas!!!

Texas October 2009 049

Texas October 2009 050

Texas October 2009 051

This little quilt was so nostalgic.

Texas October 2009 052

Next we’re off to see all the animals.