Friday, March 6, 2015

With Friends Like This….

You know the rest!  This is an e-mail I received this morning from my friend Lee – you remember her – the one that doesn’t have a blog!  Here’s what she wrote:

Today is March 5th and you have missed an update on your blog for Feb....This is just a reminder!!!!!

Wasn’t that kind of her to remind me?  Don’t worry, I’ll get even with her……

We purchased a new computer last month and seem to have had nothing but frustration since it was installed.  When I went to write this post, I discovered Windows Live Writer (which I use to compose) wasn’t installed on the computer.  So, an hour and a half later, after trying to download it and remember passwords for Windows, Google and my Blog, I think I finally got it fixed.  Of course, there are a dozen other programs it downloaded at the same time and I’m sure Leo will be thrilled!

I was asked to make two baby quilts for gifts.  The first one is for a very special little boy that is due in about 4 weeks and has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  He is going to require heart surgery when he is a couple of months old and my heart just breaks for him and his parents.  He has also been diagnosed with IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) so I just hope everything turns out alright.  It just seems so unfair that some people are given so much to deal with.

Anyway, on to the quilt.  The gift giver wanted a little boy quilt as opposed to a baby quilt and wanted cars and trucks on it.  This is what I came up with:


I found this fabric which I thought was perfect for the back.

Back 2

I’m hoping it will be a good teaching quilt with all the different vehicles.  Most of all, I’m hoping the little guy will be O.K. as he has a lot of people anxiously awaiting his arrival to shower him with love.

The other quilt giver had a specific request too – she wanted a green and yellow quilt with Winnie the Pooh.  I looked at Winnie fabric, but it was really thin and nasty, so I came up with the idea of an embroidered Pooh.  Of course, all the Disney designs are licensed to Brother, so finding a design wasn’t easy, but I did manage to find one on Etsy that wasn’t pirated and it stitched out very well.

Winnie 2

Winnie 3

She also wanted Minkie on the back.  I’d never worked with it before, but was pleasantly surprised at how well it quilted.  My only problem was the fluff from it all over the house!

Winnie Back

I had some Minkie left over, so I decided to make a couple of little tag blankies for both babies.  I’ve been told babies love to play with the tags.  Not having any grandchildren, I wouldn’t know!!!  (But I’m not bitter.)

Tag Blankies 3

Tag Blankies 4

Tag Blankles2


I’m busy stitching the binding on my Spring Bouquet.  I am so happy with it and can hardly wait to hang it in the living room.  I promise pictures next time.  I’m sure Lee will remind me Smile