Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Time Flies

I’m not sure where June went and have trouble believing the first week of July is already over.  I don’t have much of interest to share with you or show you – especially on the creative side. 

My nephew got married at the end of May and it was a glorious evening on the rooftop of a Toronto hotel with the skyline before us. 

Brock & Jess Get Married

My friends on Facebook have already seen this one, but this is Leo, Sandra & I at the wedding.  Unfortunately, Darren wasn’t in the picture as he took it!


Leo and I also celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary in June.  We’re saving the big trip until I’m a bit stronger, but we did have a lovely day in Niagara on the Lake which is one of the prettiest towns in Canada.  The flowers there are always gorgeous and look like they are on steroids. 




My friend Joan has a July birthday, so I sent this to her.  She’s opened it, so I’m not ruining the surprise.  It’s made from one piece of striped fabric.



My dear Aunt has been sick for the past month and has been in hospital for three weeks.  She has had two surgeries, and they are talking about another one tomorrow so I have been spending most of my days and some of my evenings there with her.  You all know how much she means to me and my heart breaks to see her in so much pain.  It’s been hard to concentrate on much of anything, but in some strange way, it has made me stronger as I have had to face my fears of going back into hospitals and ICU in particular.  Trust Auntie to help me, even when she’s so sick.

I did go to Quilt Canada, but to be honest, I was disappointed.  Maybe after seeing Houston and Paducah I’ve been spoiled, but there were very few traditional quilts and a LOT of what I would call art quilts.  I can certainly appreciate the imagination and work that goes into them, but I think a more balanced mix would have been nice.  There was no picture taking allowed so I can’t share any of the quilts with you.  I did try a newer version of my APQS Millennium with Bliss tracking on it and fell in love.  After doing the math, it wasn’t a whole lot more to buy a new machine than to upgrade the one I have, so I’ve been trying to sell mine.  It’s in excellent condition and I’ve never had any problems with it.  I have had a few enquiries, but since I’m not desperate to sell it, I’m not willing to do a whole lot of negotiating on the price.

Hopefully next time I’ll have more quilting or knitting content to share with you.