Thursday, April 24, 2014

Yes, It’s Been a While

I managed to make it through our awful winter without getting sick, then spring finally comes and I get sinusitis.  Never one to do anything half assed, my knee decided to act up at the same time so I was in agony for a couple of weeks.  Enough said about that!

Now that I’m finally feeling better, I’ve been working on my Spring Bouquet.  I’ve really enjoyed this and while I have all the blocks done, I still have four appliqued borders to do plus a little (1 1/4”) four patch border.

Spring Bouquet Blocks Cropped

I made this table runner for Sandra & Darren quite some time ago, but forgot to post it.  It’s a bit late now for Easter, but here it is anyway.  It’s from the book My Runners by Disa Designs. 



I’ve also been doing some knitting and Sandra was the recipient of this too.   I’m glad that she likes what I make enough to wear them and use them.  I showed you her bow scarf in my last post, but it wasn’t a very good picture.  Here it is on Sandra.

Bow Scarf

Since I forgot to get pictures of the other two scarves I made, Sandra enlisted the help of one of her models.  The first one is a Churchmouse pattern that I’ve made several times.  This one is done in bamboo which makes it softer than the Koigu which is called for in the pattern. 

SAndra's Ruffle Scarf 1


This is one of those easy ruffle scarves that had Sandra’s name all over it.

Sandra's Ruffle Scarf 2


I just finished a Colour Affection scarf yesterday, but I need to block it before I get pictures.  I tried a new ‘stretchy cast off’ method and was really pleased with the results.  It gives a wonderful stretchy edge which would be great for toe up socks or any edge that you want some stretch in.  Here’s a link to the video. 

Someone didn’t plan things very well as both The Knitter’s Frolic and the Creative Festival are both being held in Toronto this weekend.  Since the last thing I need is more fabric, (or yarn for that matter) The Knitter’s Frolic won out.   I haven’t been to the Creative Festival for years as for a while there it really got off topic.  There were so many vendors there that, in my opinion, shouldn’t have been – coffee manufacturers, cookies for sale, hand cream – you get the picture.  I think things have changed as I know most of the longarm companies are being represented there, as well as quite a few quilt shops.  Maybe next year….

I’m anxiously awaiting news to find out if we were accepted into Bonnie Hunter’s class at the Amherst Quilt Guild in NY.  I’ve been going for many years and the last few years Lee has been coming with me.  We’re really hoping we get in the class but I’m sure the demand has been overwhelming.  Keep your fingers crossed for us please, especially since Lee has her fabric all picked out already.

Leo retired at the end of March and it’s hard to believe he’s been home now for almost a month.  What is even harder to believe is I haven’t wanted to kill him yet Winking smile  Of course, I haven’t been myself – give it time.