Saturday, December 14, 2013

If I Only Had a Brain….Or A Memory

One of the problems of getting old is you forget things.  One of the problems of getting old and being sick is you forget even more things!  There was something I specifically wanted to tell you about yesterday, but completely forgot.

One blog I have been reading religiously for years is Tommy The Material Girl.   I love her sense of humour, she is a Cordon Bleu chef and she loves animals as much as I do.  The other day, she blogged about a company called Blog2Print.  To borrow Tommy’s words, “It is a simple process of going on line and filling in a little bit of info, like the first day of the year and the last day of the year and your blog address and pick out your cover graphics and voila! You have your blog in a book form.”  I think this is a wonderful idea for people who blog a lot more regularly than I do.  It would be like having a diary of your year.  Check it out!

I also forgot to show you a couple of baby quilts I made – they are both the same as they are both for little boys and I reverted to my old standby strippy quilt.


I also completed this Santa tablerunner.  I like the idea of this, but I’m not sure if my sense of symmetry can handle it!  It’s right up there with my matchy matchy gene!


We’re getting dumped on pretty heavily today, so we had to cancel lunch with ‘my girls’.  I am very disappointed and hope we can reschedule before Christmas as a couple of things I have for them are Christmas related.  I didn’t even think it snowed when it was this cold but obviously I was wrong.  My sister in law and a girlfriend are both coming back today from a week in Florida – I don’t think they will be very impressed!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby It’s Cold Outside….

No, actually it’s FREEZING outside and it isn’t even winter yet!  The weather in the whole continent seems to have gone wacky and I ask myself every day why we live in a country with such extremes in temperature.  We’re either way too hot or way too cold.  I’d be happy with just Spring and Fall – that would be just about perfect!

I seem to have been busy, but I’m not sure I have a lot to show for it.  I did get back on Tillie and quilted quite a few Cuddle Quilts for our Guild.  It felt good to be back on the longarm, but I have to be careful not to overdo as I had a fair bit of pain in my lung after quilting for a couple of days straight.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – why do people put their ugliest fabric into charity quilts?  I know not everyone does this, but I’ve seen some pretty ugly quilts pass through my hands.  I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


This looks like it was an orphan block top and while it doesn’t look too bad in this picture, trust me, in person it was UGLY!  I like to think my quilting gave it some beauty Smile







I’m sure some of these panels came straight from the 60’s. 

I finally got my knitting finished but I never did find Bruno, my model, so I guess he was bagged up with the rest of my bears and is now living in the crawl space.  I really should bring him back upstairs, but going into the crawl space is something you have to work up to so it will have to wait for another day.

This is Groovy and I did it in 100% cotton.  My friend Diane kindly blocked this for me – it isn’t my favourite part and when I finished it, I still wasn’t feeling that great so it was wonderful to have it done for me.




This is another Hitchhiker done in fingering weight wool.

I now have more scarves than I know what to do with!

I did quilt some placemats for our local Meals on Wheels – they were Christmas on one side and regular fabric on the other, but I forgot to get a picture Sad smile

My Christmas shopping is pretty much complete – thanks to the Internet.  I love online shopping – and it’s such a nice surprise when the packages arrive at your door.  There were some great sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Canadian retailers finally got in on the act and had some great sales to try and discourage cross border shopping.  They still have a way to go to price match, but at least they are trying.

This is the only tree that is going up in our house this year.


The thought of putting up a tree and all my decorations was just too overwhelming this year – maybe next year I’ll be feeling more like it, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.  I am getting stronger but still tire very quickly and still get awful flashbacks to my hospital stay.  I’m impatient, I know, and should be grateful for how far I’ve come, but I still feel I have a long way to go.

I’m hoping to have lunch tomorrow with my adopted granddaughters – I haven’t seen them for way too long, so I hope the snow that is falling right now stops as they live in the Niagara region and the weather there can be very bad at this time of year with lake effect snow from both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. 

I’m working on a Santa tablerunner, so I better get my act together and get it finished or Christmas will be over before it’s done!