Saturday, November 24, 2012

Odds & Ends

Sandra and I went to see Jekyll & Hyde in Buffalo a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Constantine Maroulis played the lead – you might remember he was a finalist in American Idol many years ago.  I wasn’t crazy about him then, and I was afraid my preconceived opinions might affect my enjoyment of the performance, but he was good!

Jekyll & Hyde

The theatre in Buffalo is old and classic and a great venue for this type of production.  The bonus – we parked right across the street for $3!!!!  In Toronto you would be lucky to find parking 6 blocks away for $25.
While Sandra & I spent the day in Buffalo, Darren asked if he could bring Ben to their place to spend the day.  Darren is one of Ben’s favourite people in the world, so he readily agreed.  Here are a few of the fun things they did:

First they raked some leaves.


Then it was time for a walk – he’s telling Darren to hurry up, they are almost home!
After all that exertion, a snack is definitely in order.
Now it’s movie time – no chick flicks for them!
Now a little snooze in front of the fire with his favourite kitty cousin, Abby.
I’ve actually got a little quilting done lately too.  I quilted 5 Cuddle Quilts for our Guild so they can be distributed if necessary at Christmas.
I also made this wallhanging which I entitled “Joy” – my imagination knows no bounds.

I embellished the bow in the little girl mouse’s hair with Swarovski crystals and quilted it with gold metallic thread.  I made one of these quite a few years ago which I gave to a friend, and I was digging in my Christmas stash and found another one! 

I love making these Charm Totes.  I was away at a Retreat last week and got this one whipped up.

It’s fully lined with 2 nice big pockets and I find this size so handy for use when shopping, as a knitting bag or just for carting around ‘stuff’. 

Since this put me in the Christmas spirit (which isn’t easy to do), I made some Christmas tree napkins.
I love the fabric on these – it’s so classy!

While I was away at retreat, they had a lovely roaring fire that was burning almost all day and night.  What I didn’t know is that wood smoke is a huge asthma trigger and I ended up having a couple of pretty bad asthma attacks and I’ve been sick all week since I got home.  Is nothing safe any longer?  I think part of the problem was someone forgot to open the damper one night and the room filled with smoke – that really did me in.
Now I’m on my favourite drug – prednisone.  Those of you who have been following me for a while know just how much I hate this drug but it seems to be the only thing that clears up my lungs.  When I get down off the ceiling, I’ll let you know if it works!
I took lots of pictures at Retreat, but I’ve used up all my energy for today, so I’ll post them next time.
I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving – I’ve certainly been enjoying all the Black Friday sales!