Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Can I Find Some Time?

I’ve finally figured out why I never get anything done around here – I’m never home!

On Friday, Lee and I paid a visit to Michael & Kay of Circle Lord fame.  We had a lovely afternoon at their home in the country and they were kind enough to go over all the templates again with us.  They will be introducing a new ‘up front’ system within the month and it is very exciting!  Now all the templates will be able to be done from the front of the machine if you want.

Saturday, Sandra & I shuffled off to Buffalo as I wanted to get some flannel backing for the Christmas panel I showed you last week.  Seems crazy to drive all that way for cheap fabric, but we managed to pick up some other goodies too ;-)

Yesterday, we celebrated my Aunt’s 82nd birthday with a family dinner.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 018

I think she looks great for her age and she is such a happy and positive person, despite a lot of major health issues.  Too bad my Mother (her sister) wasn’t more like her.

Today has been spent catching up on laundry and sorting through some clothes.  Children’s Wish come around every 8 weeks or so to pick up any clothing donations and I am usually able to provide them with a garbage bag of stuff we no longer wear.  I am starting to get brutal – no more keeping clothes that are a size 0 (I wish).  Even if some of this stuff fit, which it doesn’t, I wouldn’t wear it anyway so it’s going!

Ben had a great day yesterday as all his favourite people in the world were here.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 008

Molly had a great time too as Darren brought a laser pointer with him and she had a ball with it.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 023

Tomorrow is my Stitch n Chat but maybe, just maybe, tomorrow afternoon I’ll get some sewing done before I go bowling tomorrow night.

I really need to retire – if I didn’t have to work those 2 darned days every week I just KNOW I’d get so much more accomplished!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can You Believe It?

I actually SEWED something!  My Aunt’s birthday is coming up this week and I’ve been working on this tablerunner for what seems like forever.  I’m not happy with the quilting, but I did learn something from it, so it’s not all bad.

I did some feathered wreaths in the centre which I thought turned out quite nice.

Auntie's Tablerunner 005

Problem is, you can’t see them on the overall finish.  After I had done these wreaths, I didn’t have a clue what to do with the rest of the background, so I ‘kind of’ echoed the outside of the feathers – and not very well either.

Auntie's Tablerunner 006

See all those little paw prints on my table?  Here is the culprit.

Mollie 008

She looks so innocent, doesn’t she – don’t let that look fool you, she’s full of mischief.  However, all is forgiven as she likes to sew and curls up on any fabric that happens to be lying on my table.

Yesterday a friend and I did a shop hop of 3 Niagara area quilt stores.  The give-away at each store was extremely generous and we had a nice day. 

I’m proud to report I only bought one – yes, one – kit and when another girlfriend came over today for a sew day, I actually got the top finished.

Christmas Flannel 008

I could let you think I am a sewing whiz, but it was a flannel panel and I only had to add the two borders. 

Christmas Flannel 011

It’s one of the nicer panels I’ve seen lately and a nice size.  I find so many of them are long and narrow and just don’t look right.

Leo is away fishing this weekend so I don’t have any meals to cook.  I should, however, tackle the mound of laundry that seems to reproduce at almost the same rate as my fabric stash!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Quilting Content Here

Hard to believe, I know, but there still isn’t any quilting going on around here.  I seem to always be busy, but I’m not sure what I’m busy doing.

I did get a new camera and I’m really pleased so far.  I bought a Nikon D3000  and have been having fun playing with it.  The store suggested I use it for a few weeks then come back and they’ll spend an hour or so with me telling me how to use the various features.  Right now I’m just using auto for everything which suits me just fine.

Brunch At Darren & Sandra's 006

Of course, you know who my favourite subject is!

Here’s his little sister in her cat cube which she loves.

Ben & Molly 012

Since I don’t have any quilts to show you, here are some shots of Leo’s dahlias and roses.

Flowers & Ben 001

Flowers & Ben 002

Flowers & Ben 003

We have had the best weather of the summer for the last two weeks.  It’s been sunny, warm but not humid and best of all, no rain.  I hope it continues until at least Christmas.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly

On Sunday, we welcomed this little one into our family.

Miss Molly 003We thought long and hard about this decision as we didn’t want to do anything to put Ben’s nose out of joint, but encouraged by his relationship with Abby, we took him to the Humane Society on Saturday to get his reaction to adopting a baby sister. There are so many homeless animals right now and we certainly have enough love and the wherewithal to give one a good home.

So far Ben & Molly have been just fine together and we have been giving him some extra attention.

I don’t have very many good pictures as my camera has been acting up. Initially I thought it was just me as all my pictures were fuzzy, but Sandra & Darren came over and took lots of pictures and they were all fuzzy too, so it’s definitely the camera. I had decided to get an SLR – Nikon D60 but I just found out they are releasing a new model D3000 in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to hold off and get one of those.

Molly 035

I’m in a bit of a quilting slump lately. Do you ever feel guilty when you aren’t producing? Although this is a hobby and I don’t do it as a business and have no deadlines to meet, I always feel guilty if I’m not working on something. It’s silly, I know, but I can’t help it.

I also feel the need to find something interesting to blog about and this summer, there have been pretty slim pickings. I think we all go through these phases, but I hope I get over this one quickly as I’m much happier when I’m absorbed in a project.

Since I can’t show any favouritism, here is a picture of my baby – who will always be my baby.

My Baby