Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glory Days

Sandra and I went to see The Boss a couple of weeks ago when he was in Toronto and what a show!  He sang and played for 3 1/2 hours non stop and he’s almost 63!  While Bon Jovi will always have first place in my heart, Bruce sure comes a close second. 


I got my blue string quilt finished and tried very hard to get some pictures this afternoon.  I had a little helper and nothing I did could keep him off this quilt.  I’d put him up on the chair and by the time I got in position to take the picture, he was back on it.



I also finished my Border Creek Station Mystery Quilt.  I had the top finished at Retreat last April, but I needed to piece the backing before I could get it quilted.  Have I mentioned I hate piecing backings? lol  Sherri is running a 10th Anniversary Mystery this year so I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.


Yay, one without Ben!


Both of these were quilted with the Seven Treasures of Budha boards from Circle Lord.  I get so lazy, once I have a template set up, I try and do a couple of tops when it’s on there and both of these seemed to lend themselves to this pattern.  This fabric was by Moda and I’ve never worked with anything that unraveled so much.  I was constantly picking threads from it and I still have more picking and clipping to do.  I think my next top will be batik and that eliminates that problem!

I’m working on a second sock but I’m starting to get second sock syndrome.  I’m using a new yarn from Dyeversion that is bamboo and lycra so it has a bit of stretch to it.  It feels wonderful and the lycra will stop it stretching out of shape as pure bamboo socks have a tendency to do.  I’m forcing myself to finish this before I start knitting anything new but I have so many yarns calling my name!

Leo went over to Sandra & Darren’s the other day to help install a chandelier so he took Ben with him to see hit kitty cousins.  Here is Miles’ reaction to Ben:

Miles being Evil


While Grandmas shouldn’t have favourite grandkitties, I must admit Miles isn’t my favourite – he’s bitten me once too many times!  Here is my favourite – sweet little Abby – she loves everyone, including Ben!

Abby & Ben September 2012


I’m not sure where Lucy was when these pictures were being taken – probably off eating which is her favourite sport!