Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Strawberry Fields

I think I might have to keep this quilt.  I love it, although it still isn’t finished as there is one more border to go on.

Strawberry Fields 003

This all came from one Bali Pop and the black background fabric.

Tomorrow I go for my annual mammogram and bone density test.  I can hardly wait!

Tuesday my Stitch N Chat Group are meeting for our annual Christmas lunch (Chinese food).  I have their gifts all ready, but they still need to be wrapped.  I think next year we are going to draw names as coming up with ten identical quilty gifts isn’t an easy task.

Two weeks from today Christmas will be all over and I won’t be sorry.  Those that know me, know Christmas isn’t my favourite holiday.  I wish I could get back the excitement of it all, but it just isn’t happening. 


Vicki W said...

That's a pretty one!

Stitch-n-quilt said...

I love the way the bright colors pop out of the black background. Lovely quilt. You should keep it.

quiltmom said...

I love your beautiful quilt- Irene, the colors are so rich- I am a big fan of using black to act as the background for batiks. Yours is stunning..
I put up our Christmas village today and made some nuts and bolts. Bruce and I went grocery shopping yesterday for the ingredients for some of the special things that we like to make over the holidays. We will have a little tree decorating party soon but first we need to celebrate Kevin's birthday this week.
It is such a busy time of year and can be too hectic to enjoy. I am looking forward to a couple of weeks off -
Wishing you all the best,
Warmest regards,

Suzan said...

Oh-my-goodness! The quilt is gorgeous!! Those colorful batiks combined with the black are just wonderful
Did you practice for your mammogram? You know, take off all your clothing from the waist up, put your boob into the door of the refrigerator and have your husband lean against the door. Practice makes perfect!

Joan said...

Beautiful quilt! What size is it? You should definitely keep it!

I have a funny mammogram story. A few years ago I went for mine, and the technician told me to take off the paper gown thingy. She did a double take and said "Oh, I'll have to go and get some larger film". I had a good chuckle over that one!

Jackie said...

I really love what you're doing with this quilt. The black really sets it off and makes the batiks pop. Just gorgeous!