Monday, March 8, 2010

It Can’t Be March – it Just Can’t!!

If you are still hanging in here with me, I commend you as there sure hasn’t been anything remotely resembling quilting going on around here lately.

I did get away to Dallas for a few days but the timing of the trip was all wrong. It had been planned before all hell broke loose around here and I should have taken the monetary loss and just cancelled – we live and learn.

There were some good times, though, and this beautiful girl and I shared a walk around the neighbourhood every morning.

Dallas Trip 2010 007

We also spent a lovely day out in Rockwall at a friend’s house on the lake.

This is the view from almost every window in her home.Dallas Trip 2010 014

The pictures I am going to show you do not do justice to the beautiful work that Louise does. This embroidered quilt is magnificent and – are you ready for this – this is the first quilt she has ever made!!!!!

Dallas Trip 2010 018

Dallas Trip 2010 019

Dallas Trip 2010 022

Louise is now working on a second quilt, made from dupioni silk and it is going to be every bit as gorgeous, if not more so, than her first one.

Dallas Trip 2010 029

Dallas Trip 2010 025

Dallas Trip 2010 026

There is nothing I hate more than someone who does beautiful work like this AND she’s organized!!!!!

Dallas Trip 2010 031

Dallas Trip 2010 032

Not a pile of anything in site – and just in case you were wondering, her drawers are all tidy too!

Here we are at lunch at Gloria’s.

Dallas Trip 2010 034

Left to right – Margaret, Carol, myself, Louise, Ann & Lee. Poor Ruth was cut out of the picture by the waiter.

Margaret and Carol are also extremely talented. Margaret can make just about anything without a pattern and Carol has done some beautiful heirloom smocking, as well as quilting.

You can’t spend time around these gals and not be inspired – so stay tuned!


Rian said...

...this is the first quilt she has ever made...


You look great, by the way.

Joan said...

I'm gobsmacked by that quilt! Did she quilt it too? It's just gorgeous! And yes, you do look great!

Jackie said...

I'm just amazed! A FIRST quilt?! I can only hope to do something half as good as that in my lifetime!