Sunday, June 19, 2011

This and That

You probably have to be Canadian to appreciate my excitement over this piece of news.  We now have an American ship to address!!!!  Sandra, Lee & I split the cost of a U.S. shipping address in Niagara Falls, New York.  We can now take advantage of all those great free shipping offers available to Americans that we Canadians never get to enjoy.

The possibilities are endless…fabric, batting, Ebay and Etsy orders, magazine subscriptions, coupons, thread, Sephora and much more! 

Since Sandra & I usually go to Buffalo about once a month anyway, we can pop in to the facility and pick up our packages.  We’ll save the cost of the address on our first shipment each!

The construction quilt is almost ready to go on Tillie but I won’t bore you with more pictures until it’s quilted. 

Instead, I’ll share some pictures of my babies that Ian took yesterday.


I love this picture, even although he looks so sad.


Just chilling out enjoying the sunshine - you can see Leo’s roses in the background.  Roses that I have to water every day while he’s gone as well as all the other flowers!!!!!  I HATE watering the garden.  I HATE dragging out the hose.  I HATE rolling it back up and I HATE that I have to do it for both the front and back garden!  It also doesn’t thrill me that I have to take the garbage and recycling out too while he’s gone.  I know I’m spoiled but I like it that way :-)


Molly doesn’t look too thrilled to be woken from her nap.  I have no idea what all that crap is on the window – it looks like it’s filthy, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s not – honest!


Deb Levy said...

I don't like yard and garbage work either :-)

Your babies are just beautiful!

Suzan said...

Now you need to sign up for the newsletter at Burkholder's in Lancaster County so that you get the fabulous sale discounts!

Rian said...

That's a great picture of Ben. I don't think he looks sad. He looks like he is doing what he is being told to do for the picture. He looks expectant.