Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Merry Go Round Still Hasn’t Stopped

I had a great time in Houston and showed amazing restraint with my purchases. To be honest, I really didn’t see anything I ‘had’ to have.   My friends, however, did more than their part to boost the Houston economy.  The quilts were amazing and I got to meet Debra who lives just north of Houston.  We had a lot of fun critiquing the quilts and were on the same wave length about most of the techniques.

One thing we just didn’t understand was the abundance of thread painting.  You take a coloured photograph, then thread paint over it.  I can appreciate the time it takes, but the hardest part, as one of the artists explained, was finding the right colour of thread.  What’s the point?  Yes the finished product looks nice, but so did the picture and I just don’t understand the need to do it.

We also visited the fourth largest mall in the U.S. – The Galleria.  It is a beautiful mall with 3 levels and I managed to do some damage there. 

I didn’t take any pictures when I was away.  I didn’t want to lug my heavy camera around and there were a lot of areas where pictures weren’t allowed anyway, so I don’t regret my decision.

My baby had a benign tumor on his back paw and had to have surgery.  He wore this lampshade for almost 2 weeks, but he got his stitches out yesterday and the vet is really pleased with the surgery.

Ben's Lampshade 001

Doesn’t he look pathetic.  It really didn’t seem to bother him other than he couldn’t scratch his ears, so we obliged.

Sandra & I went to Buffalo last weekend for our annual Christmas shopping trip.  She got almost all her Christmas shopping done – I didn’t!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Retreat.  I don’t have a clue what I’m going to take to work on, so I took a vacation day today to try and figure it out.  If you don’t go prepared you aren’t productive. 

I swear I am not making any more plans to go anywhere for a while.  I’m all ‘showed’ out and I’m totally exhausted.  Today is the first day in over a month that I don’t have some kind of commitment – it feels great!

Ian must have been playing around with my camera while I was gone and here is a picture he took of Molly – can’t show one baby without the other!

Molly November 2011 004

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Rian said...

Poor Ben! He has such an expressive face! Isn't it amazing how quickly dogs heal? Wonder if it has something to do with their short life spans--it's like they're on fast-forward.

Trust me, I can relate to your merry-go-round life! It's exhausting!