Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cold Enough For You?

It seems like all we can talk about is the weather, but I don’t remember a winter that started so early and hit us as hard as this one has.  I know we have been very lucky compared to some.  My friend Lee was without power for 6 days.  I just can’t imagine what that must have been like – and I can only imagine what she smelled like after no shower for 6 days Smile

I haven’t been venturing outside as I’m terrified I’ll get sick again with the bone chilling cold or fall on the ice and break something.  That being said, you would think I would have a lot to show for spending so much time at home – well, I don’t!  I have no idea where my days go, but they are over before I know it.  I did get my Hunter’s Star finished but I’ve had great difficulty getting a good picture of it.  I’ve tried it with and without a flash – with the light on and the light off, but the colours just aren’t true.


The quilting shows up much better on this picture, but the colour is way off.


I used Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star ruler for this and it was very easy with no Y seams.  This quilt has been on my ‘to do’ list for years.  Lee and I bought the rulers when we went to MQX in 2009! 

I also finished this little runner which is totally off season but I don’t seem to get my act together until after a holiday!

Sunflower Table Runner

I was lucky enough to win these gorgeous hand dyed fat quarters from Starr Design Fabrics through a contest on Facebook.  I absolutely love them and want to make something really special with them.


We have been having trouble with the TV in our bedroom.  Certain channels aren’t available and others cut in and out, yet our other TV is fine.  Leo called the cable company and a nice young guy came out on Tuesday.  I felt heart sorry for him working on a day like that, but he turned down an offer of coffee and said he was dressed for it.  He took a quick look outside and came in and told me he’d found the problem right away.  He asked if we had a lot of squirrels and I said yes, as a matter of fact we do – we feed them so all the squirrels in the neighbourhood hang out in our backyard.  Well, this is what was wrong with the cable.

Cable Damage

On the cream coloured cable, which is the one that leads to the bedroom TV, they had chewed right down to the copper wire.  The short black one, they were just starting on – it leads to our other TV so very soon it would have started causing us problems too.

Every week, Leo buys TWO of these:


I’ve asked him how much it costs and his reply is always ‘you don’t want to know’.  What I do know is we have the best fed, fattest squirrels in the area!  Then, come spring, Leo will be the first one to complain about them digging up his bulbs and breaking the tops off his tulips.  I asked him why he doesn’t buy peanuts in the shell as I’m sure they are a lot cheaper, but he says he doesn’t want peanut shells all over the back yard!  It’s not always easy being an animal lover!  One little black one in particular comes right to the patio door and scratches on the glass until we feed him.  Molly and Ben just ignore them now unless we let Ben out and he makes a half assed attempt to chase them.

I got a newsletter from my favourite Buffalo Quilt Store the other day and noticed this stamp on the envelope.  I’m sure all my American friends have seen this before, but I thought it was so unusual and really pretty.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a round stamp before.

US Christmas Stamp

Wherever you are reading this from, I hope you are warm and dry.  Just think……only 69 more days until spring Smile

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