Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Christmas has come and gone and I, for one, am not sorry.  I find it a very sad time of year that reminds me of all the loved ones we’ve lost. 


I do, however, have some Christmas things to show you that I couldn’t post before they were given to their recipients.  I love to make Christmas themed gifts and am always drawn to Christmas kits and patterns.  There is something wrong with that!



This beaded bracelet was for Sandra and the one below is for her wonderful mother in law, Judy.


Sandra was also the recipient of this tissue holder which was done in the hoop on my embroidery machine.


I made these for my son in law’s sister who just had a wonderful new addition put on her house with her dream kitchen.


These Owl hot plate holders went to Sandra.


I showed you one of these trees in my last post, but I felt they needed a little something so added some snow and presents.


I’ve been working on a mystery quilt I made several years ago.  Here is a picture of the top:


Those big empty plain blocks always bothered me, so I decided to machine embroider some applique on them.  It’s a pretty tedious task – it takes me almost 2 hours to do one block – I could probably have hand appliqued them faster, but here is a not very good picture of one of them done:


There just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I want to.  I’ve been asked to make 3 baby quilts – one which is very special and is going to take a lot of work.  I also got talked into doing a Block of the Month for a quilt called Moonshine. 

I’m doing mine in dark blues, reds and creams. 


Yesterday Lee and I took a class on how to make thrummed mittens.  It was fun and I think these mitts are going to be really warm when they are done.

Thrummed Mittens: February 12 -- New Session! - Click Image to Close


After our class we had a nice lunch, then went to Len’s Mill in Guelph.  I think the Guelph location has more fabric than any of the other locations I’ve been to.  I’ve been searching for ‘sky’ fabric for a couple of weeks, and had my choice of several there.  It’s too bad sky fabric wasn’t the only thing I bought Sad smile


I will soon have to decide which Judy Niemeyer quilt I am going to do for the group starting in April.  I’m drawn to 4th of July, but it may be a bit ambitious for a first attempt at one of her patterns. 


There is also another quilt my friend Nikki showed me that I’d love to do.  It’s called Country Crossroads and it, too, is a block of the month.


Well, maybe if I got off the computer and actually DID some of the things on my list instead of just telling you about them, I might accomplish a bit more.


It’s been freezing in our part of the country the last couple of weeks, so I hope wherever you are you are staying warm and cuddling under a lovely quilt.


Rian said...

It looks as if you've accomplished a lot already! My, you've been busy! (Love those polka-dot tea towels) And here we thought you were just goofing off up there...

Joan said...

Beautiful creations! I love the snowman tissue holder and the tea towels!

Unknown said...

I was wondering when the next up date was coming!!!