Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedgewood Blues

I finished stitching the binding on this one this morning.

I'm calling it Wedgewood Blues as it reminds me of the blues found in the old Wedgewood Blue Willow china pattern.

I backed it with this - it's from Jinny Byer's line called Glacial Ice and I bought a bolt of it a while ago for something like $2.50 a yard - how can you go wrong?

You may recall I have another one of these which is the same, except it has a different border. It isn't quilted yet. I must have had one heck of a lot of blue in my stash as I got these two, plus the queen sized Blue Rover I'm currently working on and I still have more blue than anything else in my stash. What can I say - blue is my favourite colour!

We attended a wonderful 70th birthday party yesterday for a good friend. He was totally surprised which isn't easy to do! The food was absolutely delicious - they barbecued 3 large sirloin roasts which were so tender and tasty. One of the appetizers served was a slice of cheese and a strip of sundried tomato wrapped in a basil leaf - it was really yummy and I'm going to copy it the next time I make appetizers

It's a wet, dreary day here today - a perfect day to sew. Then again, isn't every day a perfect sewing day?


Joan said...

Beautiful quilt! And your quilting, as always, is stunning! What do you do with all the quilts you make?

Suzan said...

Pretty quilt and you have named it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Only if you can't play golf, then it's a perfect sewing day. ;-) Wedgewood Blues is gorgeous! You got a heck of a bargain on that blue fabric...which is a lovely colour, by the way.

Mary said...

Very pretty and I love the fans on it. I agree most days are perfect for sewing but I've been in a funk the last few days -- finally tonight I got another top loaded and quilted and already feel better!