Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Golly Miss Molly

On Sunday, we welcomed this little one into our family.

Miss Molly 003We thought long and hard about this decision as we didn’t want to do anything to put Ben’s nose out of joint, but encouraged by his relationship with Abby, we took him to the Humane Society on Saturday to get his reaction to adopting a baby sister. There are so many homeless animals right now and we certainly have enough love and the wherewithal to give one a good home.

So far Ben & Molly have been just fine together and we have been giving him some extra attention.

I don’t have very many good pictures as my camera has been acting up. Initially I thought it was just me as all my pictures were fuzzy, but Sandra & Darren came over and took lots of pictures and they were all fuzzy too, so it’s definitely the camera. I had decided to get an SLR – Nikon D60 but I just found out they are releasing a new model D3000 in a couple of weeks, so I’m going to hold off and get one of those.

Molly 035

I’m in a bit of a quilting slump lately. Do you ever feel guilty when you aren’t producing? Although this is a hobby and I don’t do it as a business and have no deadlines to meet, I always feel guilty if I’m not working on something. It’s silly, I know, but I can’t help it.

I also feel the need to find something interesting to blog about and this summer, there have been pretty slim pickings. I think we all go through these phases, but I hope I get over this one quickly as I’m much happier when I’m absorbed in a project.

Since I can’t show any favouritism, here is a picture of my baby – who will always be my baby.

My Baby


Deb said...

Oh Irene! Molly is so beautiful! I'm so glad Ben approved...he is such a good boy! he knew that baby needed a good home! Congratulations on the new baby and thank you for caring enough to share your life with a beautiful creature in need.

Your love will be returned a thousand times over. I look forward to watching Molly grow and seeing her and Ben become fast friends.

What a good person you are.

Suzan said...

Your new baby is precious! I do love kittens and would have another cat except I keep telling people that I am only 2 cats and a shopping cart away from being one of those strange old ladies you see on the streets!

Nadine said...

Molly is just adorable Irene, and I'm so glad Ben is making friends with her. You'll love having her, and I'm so happy that she's found a good home with you!

Nadine (and kitty hugs for Molly from the boys--Patches & Shadow!)

Joan said...

Both of your little ones are adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing some pics of them together.

I find a trip to the LQS usually gets me in the mood to start a project. Maybe I should head over there! ;-)

Mary said...

I'm not a cat person but Molly is cute! I don't think Chesty would tolerate a cat - he goes nuts if he sees one outside.

I definitely feel bad when I'm not being productive - I tend to have productive spurts in between my trips!

quiltmom said...

Molly is gorgeous and Ben is handsome as always. We had a thunderstorm this afternoon and Dusty is still hiding behind our sofa. She really does get scared when it storms.
Nice to see your new family members.
Have a great long weekend,
Warmest regards,

Jackie said...

Molly is a beautiful addition to your family! I'm glad Ben is accepting her. Sounds like you're handling the transistion wonderfully!

I find that when I do crafty type things because I feel like I should, things go terribly wrong. I've learned that when it's not feeling fun, that it's best to just walk away. It all ends up working out!

Anonymous said...

Ben is such a sweetie! And I think it's great that you gave Molly a good home--good on ya! We are both allergic to cats, so none of those for us, in fact we have to have a hypoallergenic dog! And Riley is a handful, so I think one of those is quite enough.

Yes, I do feel guilty when I'm not being quilty! I'm going through it right now!

Bunny said...

Your new baby is too cute, guess you have not been producing quilts cause you have been nurturing your babies. Enjoy your time with them. I need to get quilting but have been playing instead LOL. Nice not to have to do anything.