Monday, September 28, 2009

Where Can I Find Some Time?

I’ve finally figured out why I never get anything done around here – I’m never home!

On Friday, Lee and I paid a visit to Michael & Kay of Circle Lord fame.  We had a lovely afternoon at their home in the country and they were kind enough to go over all the templates again with us.  They will be introducing a new ‘up front’ system within the month and it is very exciting!  Now all the templates will be able to be done from the front of the machine if you want.

Saturday, Sandra & I shuffled off to Buffalo as I wanted to get some flannel backing for the Christmas panel I showed you last week.  Seems crazy to drive all that way for cheap fabric, but we managed to pick up some other goodies too ;-)

Yesterday, we celebrated my Aunt’s 82nd birthday with a family dinner.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 018

I think she looks great for her age and she is such a happy and positive person, despite a lot of major health issues.  Too bad my Mother (her sister) wasn’t more like her.

Today has been spent catching up on laundry and sorting through some clothes.  Children’s Wish come around every 8 weeks or so to pick up any clothing donations and I am usually able to provide them with a garbage bag of stuff we no longer wear.  I am starting to get brutal – no more keeping clothes that are a size 0 (I wish).  Even if some of this stuff fit, which it doesn’t, I wouldn’t wear it anyway so it’s going!

Ben had a great day yesterday as all his favourite people in the world were here.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 008

Molly had a great time too as Darren brought a laser pointer with him and she had a ball with it.

Auntie's Birthday 2009 023

Tomorrow is my Stitch n Chat but maybe, just maybe, tomorrow afternoon I’ll get some sewing done before I go bowling tomorrow night.

I really need to retire – if I didn’t have to work those 2 darned days every week I just KNOW I’d get so much more accomplished!!!


Rian said...

It seems I have less time now than I did when I was working! Or maybe I've just slowed down.

Jackie said...

Please don't tell me I won't have more time for fun stuff when I retire! I'm SO looking forward to it!