Sunday, August 14, 2011

It’s Been a While

I know it’s been a while since I posted but there hasn’t been much exciting around here to blog about and there’s been even less excitement going on in my sewing room. 

I finished this top ages ago.  It was a kit, and after I put it together I had one of those what was I thinking moments as it was so simple and I didn’t really like it.  Then, I got it quilted and now I love it! 

I borrowed Lee’s Circle Lord Sakura template and it just brought this quilt to life! 

Baby Blues 001

Baby Blues 003

I love the texture this pattern gives such a simple quilt.  You can bet I’ll be asking to borrow this one again! 

I’ve been really tired lately and I had to make a couple of trips to the ER for other complications.  They can tell me what it isn’t, but can’t seem to find what’s wrong.  I do feel much better today, so hopefully whatever it was has decided to move along.

Here’s somebody else who looks very sleepy – and very comfortable on the chaise in the bedroom.  You’d think those pillows were there just for Molly.

Molly August 2011 005


Suzan said...

Because it is so light it really looks almost like a whole cloth quilt. I love the delicate blue and the quilting is really lovely!

Rian said...

Beautiful quilting job! You're right, it brought it to life.

Hey, where's that lil dog of yours? I miss Ben!

Deb Levy said...

Beautiful quilting Irene! Don't you just love those Circle Lord templates!

Sorry you've been under the weather, hope it all gets sorted out soon and you're feeling good again.

And Miss Molly looks like the queen of the castle!

Joan said...

I LOVE that quilt! It does almost look like a whole cloth quilt and the quilting is fabulous.

I hope you're still feeling better and continue to feel that way.

What, those pillows aren't there just for Molly? ;-)