Tuesday, July 26, 2011

6 Months Later

My loyal followers will recall that I redid my sewing room just after Christmas.  One of my smart ass friends (I have many) commented that it looked great, but she’d like to see it in six months to see if it was still tidy.  Well Joan, here it is:

Six Months Later 001

Six Months Later 003

My biggest downfall is ‘piles’.  I tend to put everything I don’t know what to do with in a pile but I have tried to be really diligent and look, Ma, no piles!

When I trimmed my Jelly Braid quilt, I couldn’t bring myself to throw out all the triangles that were cut off, so I made this:

Mini Pinwheels 001

My daughter, Sandra, celebrated her birthday on Saturday.  She is a real girly girl and shoes are her biggest passion.  I’d be embarrassed to tell you how many pairs she owns but she does have a room devoted to them!

Sandra's Shoe Room

Anyway, another friend made these cookies for her birthday – aren’t they adorable and so appropriate!

Sandra's Birthday 2011 001

Sandra's Birthday 2011 003

Ben thought they looked pretty good, too!

Sandra's Birthday 2011 012


Rian said...

Being a smart-ass myself, I have to commend you on labeling the CLEAR bins on what colors they contain.

Those shoes! My god! Whatever floats yer boat.

Great picture of Ben. Love that dog.

Joan said...

Well I have to say I'm impressed! Your stash is awesome. And so neatly organized. How long did you spend cleaning before you took that pic? ;-)

Sandra must have got her collecting and organizing skills from her mother. Nice shoe stash!

Ben is adorable as always. :-)