Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

My conscience had been nagging me, reminding me I hadn’t blogged for quite a while.  No, wait a minute, it wasn’t my conscience – it was my friend Lee who took the time the other day to e-mail me and remind me I hadn’t posted in a long time.  You know Lee, the one who doesn’t have a blog and has no idea what is involved.  The same person that never sends me pictures as she doesn’t know how to get them off her camera.  So this one’s for you Lee!

I believe I promised you pictures from the retreat I attended back in November.  Since it’s still technically December, I can truthfully say that was just a month ago.

This top was completed by Jennifer and check out the size of some of these pieces!  Jennifer will take the tiniest of scraps and turn them into a top.  I’ve vacuumed up scraps bigger than what she uses!



This is another one of Jen’s.



Lorna is our ‘out of the box’ quilter.  She loves colour and just goes for it – with great results!



This top was done by Lawna and was gorgeous.



Patti does some amazing work.  She takes old fur coats and turns them into fully jointed teddy bears.  A lot of the Guild members have taken old fur coats of their mothers or grandmothers to Patti and she gives them back a gorgeous teddy with great sentimental value.


Here’s the finished product. 


She’s done them in all different kinds of fur and some with embroidered noses, some with silk.  Patti takes some of the coats with embroidered initials and sews them into the pad of the foot.

This is Helen’s quilt as you go finished quilt.  It too, was absolutely stunning.




This is Mavis’ quilt top.  It’s hard to tell the size from the picture, but this top is king size.  I need to tell you about Mavis – she is 82 years old and was down on her hands and knees most of the week working on this setting.  I’m also embarrassed to add that I was in bed before she was every night!



This is Lee with her table topper she finished.  Finished isn’t a word that’s used often in Lee’s vocabulary (she’s going to kill me)!



I had never seen this pattern before – it’s called Weaver Fever and Pat did an amazing job picking her fabrics.  It showed so much movement!


Here we all are – you’ll notice some are in full makeup, while others (me included) chose to go au natural!



I do have some Christmas sewing to share with you, but I’ll save it so the next time Lee bugs me, I’ll have something to post.

Happy New Year to you all and may you enjoy health and happiness in 2013.

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Creative Times with Sue said...

Hi there... when researching quilt as you go, I came across your lovely blog. Can you point me in the right direction for Helen’s 'quilt as you go' quilt technique, as it is the only one I have found that the blocks are on point. Maybe Helen has a blog or a pattern that she sells? I want to do this with my friendship quilt and thought it easier to find a tutorial or pattern that uses Helen's method for the sashing is gorgeous!!!
Hoping you can help me out.... thanks so much for an inspiring post. :)