Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heaven...I'm In Heaven....

At least I was for the last couple of days. My friend Ursula and I treated ourselves to a stay at The Hillcrest Victorian Inn and Spa in Port Hope.

Port Hope is one of the smallest towns in Ontario and it was absolutely charming. The Inn is set on a hill overlooking Lake Ontario and surrounded by forested grounds.

After looking through all the little boutiques on the main street, we checked into the Inn. We were treated to a complete tour of the building by Rochelle, the Innkeeper. This was the point where I realized I had forgotten my camera and started kicking myself. The following pictures are all lifted from their website.

This is the front entrance in the background and former dining room of the original house which was built in 1874 as a gift from a father to her daughter on her marriage. Rochelle pointed out the 'coffin window' on the left. It goes right to the floor and opened up completely to allow removal of a coffin.

The living room had a fire burning all the time and was a great place to relax while waiting for treatments.

As for treatments - you name it, we had it and every single one was AMAZING! I'm not sure if it was the small town atmosphere or just the charms of the house, but the staff were the best I've ever experienced. They were friendly, professional and experts at their job. We were made to feel so welcome in the Inn - told to help ourselves to any cold beverages from the fridge and just make ourselves at home.

My favourite treatment was a reflexology pedicure and massage - I never want to have a pedicure sitting down again!

Then we get to the food. This is the dining room with windows on three sides which overlooked the pool and lake.

The meals were absolutely delicious and so well presented. They serve breakfast and a three course lunch and dinner. Just in case you were hungry in between, there were fresh baked scones, muffins, cookies and homemade preserves available all day, and afternoon tea was served in the late afternoon.

Can you tell we had a good time? It really was the best spa I've ever been to and you should have seen their little greeter. Maggie was about 4 lbs. of curly fur and gave me a face exfoliation with her kisses every time I picked her up. Rochelle took a picture of me with her just as we were leaving and promised to e-mail it to me. I hope she remembers so I can share it with you.


Nadine said...

Mmmmm. Sounds heavenly, indeed. It also sounds like exactly what I'll need after I get this book manuscript done. *sigh* I can dream. Can I come with you next time?? :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds divine. I'm living vicariously through your descriptions and I'm gonna read this post over and over and over.

Me too! When Nadine comes I want to come too. Just need to win the lottery first.

Mary said...

I've been to spas at hotels I've stayed at but I've always wanted to go to a spa (a week would be good)...this one looks lovely.

Suzan said...

What a fabulous treat! There is nothing quite like being totally pampered and fussed over!!

Betweens said...

Irene.. it sounds lovely Port Hope is one of my favorite towns to go visit. When you walk the main street "hill" they play wonderful music that you hear as you are walking. Did you happen to go to the new quilt shop that opened there.
Cozy Quilts the proprietor is lovely and she has some great fabrics. She is located close to the pier in the little plaza.
Thanks for sharing your lovely pics and hope to see what your friend forwards to you.