Saturday, November 29, 2008

It Doesn't Take Much

To make me happy - really it doesn't. I spent the best part of yesterday hunting for a new ironing board cover - my board is not the standard size - it's longer and wider and I couldn't find one anywhere. I went through this same search a couple of months ago and don't know why I didn't buy two then. I am very hard on ironing board covers.

After a frustrating search, I decided I'd make my own - my way. Bad decision - more frustration and still no new ironing board cover. Then I remembered Debra had a tutorial on her blog on how to make your own.

This morning, in less than 45 minutes I transformed this:

into this:

I took Debra's advice and used an upholstery weight fabric so hopefully it will last longer. I will never buy another ironing board cover again. It's the little things that make me happy.


Joan said...

Very pretty Irene! I make my own covers too as my board is also larger than standard. I use cotton twill, it's heavier than regular cotton and wears well. Happy ironing!

Anonymous said...

I like the little things too...

That's very pretty, and I'm so glad you mentioned the part about the upholstery-weight fabric because I missed that.

Danielle said...

Thank you so much for the idea. I'm going to follow your example!

Mary said...

A new ironing board cover is one of life's little pleasures. I put a new one on my board last week.

Hope you're feeling a little better.