Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Quilts in the Gardens

It's a good thing I have some show quilts to show you as I haven't stitched a thing in weeks and I miss it terribly.

This one is my friend Lee's first quilt - nobody can accuse her of picking an easy pattern - I think she did an amazing job!

There was so much talent displayed that it's really hard to pick just a few to post.

It's pouring here today and I'm not feeling much better, in fact, truth be told I feel worse so I think there will be a lot of sitting and cuddling of my baby going on.

Sandra snapped this picture of him at Easter - doesn't it look like he's raising his head to the sun? Bring it on!

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Joan said...

WOW! The floral applique quilt and the blue snowflake quilt are SO beautiful! And I love the pic of Ben, what a sweet boy...I want to give him a cuddle myself! Sorry you're still not feeling well..hope you feel better soon.