Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MQX - The Finale

Are you sick of looking at breathtaking quilts yet? I didn't think so, so here's some more from MQX. Close up of the poinsettias.

This 'Affairs of the Heart' was stunning:

There were a lot of quilts done using Irena Blum's coloured pencil technique - some of them I liked, some I didn't. This one was beautiful.

You already know how much I like blue and white quilts and the Irish Chain is one of my favourite patterns so this quilt was right up my alley.

Here is another fairly simple pattern with what I think are stunning results:

Finally, this one made me chuckle - what imagination the artist has shown with the boa!

The banquet with guest speaker Mark Lipinski was great. I haven't laughed so long or so hard for a long time - the tears were running down my face. I've heard that some people have been offended by his talk - if that is true, they must be the biggest prudes around - he was hilarious!

Now.....what did I buy? Lots! There is no sales tax in New Hampshire so to my way of thinking I was instantly saving 13%. We went to a place in Maine that a friend from the APQS forum had recommended and got name brand fabric for less than $2.50 a yard - bolts of it! We also ordered some bolts from my favourite on line supplier before we left and had them shipped to the hotel so they didn't have to go through customs. I also bought the 7 Treasures of Buddha giant templates for my Circle Lord tax free!

Then there was the Superior thread......and the Deb Tucker ruler to do the Hunter Star that I've been going to make for years....and.....and.

One thing I talked myself out of and I'm now kicking myself is this:

The QuiltCut2. We watched a demo and were really impressed and then talked to several people who own it who just love it. So today I spent ages trying to source a Canadian dealer and also pricing shipping from the dealer in NH. I may just have to call on my friend in Buffalo to help me out on this one and have it shipped to her.

We stopped at Keepsake Quilting on the way home. What a beautiful store with the most gorgeous fabric - I'm sure we were both drooling. You do need to have projects in mind as it is so overwhelming you really don't know where to start. I picked up some Amish black, some background fabric I needed for a project and also a couple of yards of batiks I found in the sale room. I always like a bargain!

Now all I need to do is actually make something with all that fabric and put the knowledge I gained to use on Tillie.


Jackie said...

I really love the Affairs of the Heart. Gorgeous! I've never seen a QuiltCut2 - looks interesting.

Mary said...

Boy, that's the key isn't it? Putting what you learned into practice.