Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Week Gone By

We celebrated Sandra’s birthday today.  My little girl turned 30 – I don’t know how that is possible since I’m only 39.  I made these little fingertip towels for her.

Kittie Towels 002

I also tried out applique with my embroidery machine for the first time and made this.

Picture Bow 001

It’s a little rough around the edges.  I embroidered it on Timtex and I think because of it’s thickness, it threw the outline out a bit.  Since this was my first attempt, I’ll know how to adjust it next time.

Elizabeth was busy again and made a penguin cake – Sandra is obsessed with penguins.

Penguin Cake

Abby & Ben had a lovely visit.  Abby is so affectionate towards Ben and follows him everywhere.  Miles, on the other hand, just hisses at him.




There still hasn’t been much quilting going on around here but I did quilt my girlfriends quilt yesterday.

Linda's Cherry Quilt 003

Linda's Cherry Quilt 005

Gotta love that Circle Lord – it makes me look good!


Jackie said...

What cute penguins!

I love your embroidery. It looks great! I'm wondering if I'd use embroidery enough to justify purchasing a machine that has that option and would love to hear your experiences. Is the cost worth the $$$?

Quilt Hollow said...

I came for a visit after seeing your post on Quilter's Blogs. The kitty blow drying on the towel caught my eye and is just adorable. Then I scrolled down to see a fun kitty and pup. How fun!! Thanks for sharing.