Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Breathe

I finally feel like I might actually live but it's been a long haul. A specialist figured out what was wrong with me and now I'm on the right meds (and off those horrible steroids) and feeling a whole lot better - hallelujah.

The last couple of weeks just seem to have gone by in a blur and there certainly wasn't anything noteworthy going on in the quilting front. Yesterday and today, though, I have made up for lost time and I'm happy to be back in my groove.

Don't ask me what on earth I was thinking when I cut these stacked posies out. They are 3" unfinished - I can't even blame the drugs as I cut these out months ago. My original intent was to put sashing between them and make a lap sized quilt, but when I looked at them on my design wall the way they are, I thought it might look nice to sash them and then make each one of these 16 blocks a large block and break them up with something else in between. I've also thought a tablerunner might be good and that way it might actually get finished.

I also finished embroidering all my little aliens ladybugs.

I discovered when you click on my pictures to see them full screen, they are too big. I only realized this when I went into my blog from a different computer one day. My good friend Sandy has given me detailed directions on how to fix this problem, but I just haven't got around to figuring it out yet. I upload all my pictures directly from "My Pictures" and I guess I need to save them somewhere first - why do they have to make everything so difficult!

I did make it to a special little boy's First Birthday Party on Wednesday. Take a look at the cake that his Mum Elizabeth made. Check out the hamburgers - she had some with lettuce peeking out and some with cheese and everything was made from fondant. Can you imagine the hours she must have spent on this?

Here is the birthday boy - my little adopted grandson Alexander.


Deb said...

So glad Irene, you are finally on the mend.

3" cut blocks??? I love the kaleidoscope thingy going on, but what, 2 1/2 inch finished??? You're a better woman than I...LOL

The little kiddle is so cute! and his Mom's cake..WOW!

Joan said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better! The stacked posies are beautiful, but 3"??? Egads!

The cake is amazing and little Alexander is a doll.

Rian said...

I'm happy to hear you are coming around...and off steroids, I hate those things! I dig the little posies, I did a closeup on the picture and saw how you did them, very clever. Simple and yet very interesting.