Monday, July 13, 2009

A Great Start to the Week

What a lovely surprise I got this morning when I opened my e-mail and found out I’d won the pattern for this beautiful machine cover from Rose

Rose does the most fantastic work and her version of Bonnie’s Double Delight is absolutely stunning – check it out here.

My little aliens are starting to take shape but I think one of them is going to bite the dust as I think this quilt is going to be big enough with 9 blocks.

Ladybugs 003 Now this little baby is just crying out for some custom quilting so that box of mine is going to have to be well and truly opened.  Can’t you just see feathers in the white diagonals – me too - but not my feathers! 

My Aunt, Ben and I had a nice outing today to Bayfront Park in Hamilton.  We’d never been there before although it’s almost on our doorstep.   There are walking, biking and rollerblading trails and lots of benches in the shade to sit and watch the world go by.

BayfrontParkHamilton We saw a pair of swans with their two babies but they weren’t too pleased when Ben went to investigate.

Bayfront Park 2

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera as travelling with a dog is similar to travelling with a baby – we have the leash, the halter, the water bottle, treats and bags, of course.  All this for one little dog!

Our day would have been perfect except we tried at 3 different places to have lunch on their patio and they wouldn’t allow Ben.  I’m now on a mission to find out if it is a Provincial law or if it is just at the owner’s discretion.  The staff at one restaurant were incredibly rude and told me “absolutely not” when I asked if we could sit on the patio with Ben.  What possible harm could a well behaved little dog do sitting under the table?


Deb said...

Come to South Florida, all our open air restaurants allow dogs.

Mary said...

there aren't many places downtown that we see that allow dogs either but luckily Chesty doesn't have a lot of stamina so usually he gets his walk in the park before we head off to eat somewhere.

Jackie said...

The pattern you won is gorgeous!

There aren't a lot of places here that allow dogs either. The most pet friendly place I've seen is South Beach in Miami where most restaurants have loads of outdoor seating and you can even find water dishes for dogs!

Nadine said...

Well, it's totally different here in Germany, where dogs are allowed almost everywhere, even in indoor restaurant seating, and inside food stores. It doesn't usually cause a problem, unless it's some kind of Great Dane in a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant, and then it's just a space issue! :)

Love the quilt!

Joan said...

Your aliens are so adorable! What a cute quilt that's going to be. Poor Ben, I hope he didn't take it personally! I don't know how anyone could turn away a little cutie like him.