Monday, October 26, 2009


We arrived in Houston just shortly after noon on Thursday and headed straight to the show.  I’ll apologize in advance for not getting the names of the artists on the pictures I took.  I wasn’t going to take my camera at all, but on our last day there, I gave in and spent the best part of the day photographing the quilts.

This little quilt was in the Sulky booth and it reminded me of Mary’s strippy quilts, but utilized embroidery designs instead of a focus fabric.  I also liked the use of the scraps in one of the strips.

Texas October 2009 133

I fell in love with this Hunter Star quilt in Deb Tucker’s booth.  I love this woman – she is a beautiful quilter and designed some great rulers.  I also think she could sell ice to Eskimos.  I bought her Hunter Star ruler at MQX and bought the rest of her rulers here. 

Texas October 2009 135

Here’s another of Deb’s quilts using her Tucker Trimmer.

Texas October 2009 136

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t just take pictures at the vendors – the rest are coming!

This quilt was in Superior’s booth to showcase their new Texture Magic.  This stuff is amazing!  I’d seen it on their website, but didn’t realize the versatility of it until I watched the demo and saw everything that can be done with it.  They had some gorgeous bags made with this and they put the decorative stitches on your machine to good use to give it even more texture. 

Texas October 2009 134

I’m not sure why some of my pictures have the date and time stamp on them and some don’t – I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing with this camera but so far, I’m happy with the pictures.

This was one of the big winners and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Texas October 2009 203

This was Best in Show by Carol Bryer Fallert.Texas October 2009 140

I loved this quilt – this is the artist’s granddaughter and I love how she made it look like an old photograph. 

Texas October 2009 144

Texas October 2009 143

Texas October 2009 146

Texas October 2009 147

Texas October 2009 149 Texas October 2009 148

Texas October 2009 151

I’ll leave you with this little guy and post more tomorrow.  Hope you are enjoying the show!

Texas October 2009 154


Bunny said...

WOW These are just amazing thanks for sharing them with us. Sure sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Mary said...

Looks like fun! Love all the quilt photos.

We've done some applique in the the strippie quilts but hadn't thought of embroidery...I don't have an embroidery machine myself but it looks like a fun option for these quilts.

Betweens said...

Irene. I am so glad you did take the pics I love that off white christmas town one!! it is gorgeous reminds me of xmas eve when all is quiet before the big bash.. great pics thanks

Rian said...

Yowza! I really love that Clam Session quilt. Me want! It is always so fun to look at other people's photos from the show, yes to see the quilts but also to see what captured their fancy. Great eye candy!