Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 2 in Dallas

We couldn’t go to Dallas without visiting the site where JFK was shot that memorable day almost 46 years ago.  There isn’t a person alive my age or older that doesn’t remember where they were that fateful day.  I was in my Grade 7 classroom and remember coming in from recess and our teacher had written on the blackboard what happened.

Texas October 2009 103

This is the old School Book Depository building where the shot was fired from the top floor.

Texas October 2009 092

It would be very easy to drive by this site without realizing the historical significance.  It isn’t really marked unless you knew what you were looking for. 

Just across the street is the old Court House building which is a beautiful old building and I loved the gargoyles on the roof.

Texas October 2009 102

From here, we headed off to the University of Texas Southwestern Oncology building.  Ann is a breast cancer survivor and she makes pillows for the chemo patients so she wanted to drop them off.  I have heard her talk so highly of this facility, I was anxious to see it and wasn’t disappointed.

This gorgeous Chihuly is in the lobby.

Texas October 2009 108

With universal health care the hot topic of discussion, it was a real treat to see this wonderful facility.  These azaleas were so gorgeous, I just had to snap a picture of them too.

Texas October 2009 110

Then we headed out to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and took a tour.  This is one amazing place with the 2 largest flat screen TVs in the world back to back.

Texas October 2009 112

It’s really hard to describe the scope of this building but everything is state of the art and absolutely no expense was spared.  I found it interesting that the millions of tiles inlaid in the floor were all imported from Canada. 

Texas October 2009 116 $5 for a coffee or a bottle of water – take your pick!

Texas October 2009 119

We even got a tour of the locker room, but unfortunately, it was empty!

Texas October 2009 124

The lockers are all solid wood.

Here are Ann, Lee and Jeanne standing under the Cowboy’s Star in the Locker Room.

Texas October 2009 125

To finish off our day we visited Quilt Country in Lewisville, Texas.  What a beautiful store just full of inspiration – not to mention more than 9,000 bolts of fabric!

This mural is on the wall outside their store.

Texas October 2009 129 Next, we head to Houston!

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