Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally – Something Interesting!

Every year, for the past 5 or 6 years, I have attended a quilting seminar hosted by the Amherst Quilters Guild in Amherst, NY.  They bring in nationally known teachers for a 4 day seminar of full day classes.

This year, the teachers were Debbie Caffrey and Sue Nickels.  Since I’d taken classes from Sue before, I took 2 of Debbie’s classes this year and I wasn’t disappointed.  That lady has so much knowledge and information and she is so willing to share.

The first class was her Power Cutting class and I learned a whole new way to cut so that you are moving your ruler, and not your fabric.  It makes a huge difference when you are cutting strips and eliminates the need to constantly be squaring up your fabric.

We learned how to make half square and quarter square triangles using the Omnigrid 98L and 96L rulers and the techniques she taught have convinced me I’ll never use Thangles again!

Amherst Seminar 2010 001

I also learned that it was Debbie that convinced Moda to sell 2 1/2” strips of fabric, now known as Jelly Rolls and also the 10” square Layer Cakes.  She was also quick to point out, though, that all the other weird shapes they are selling had nothing to do with her!

She explained that Moda’s strips are the most accurate as they are cut where they are manufactured, whereas all the other strips are cut after the manufacturing process.  This would explain why I’ve heard so many complaints about Bali Pops being so irregular.

Amherst Seminar 2010 005

Debbie’s quilts are not what I would call showstoppers, but she is more interested in teaching techniques so you can go and make your own showstopper.  I love the border treatment on this quilt and look how easy it is!

Amherst Seminar 2010 004

She used sashing in this quilt, not only to add interest, but so she didn’t have to worry about matching seams and adding bulk. 

On Wednesday night,  we attended Sue Nickels lecture and trunk show.  I think I’ll just let you drool over the eye candy!

Amherst Seminar 2010 009


Amherst Seminar 2010 016

Amherst Seminar 2010 013

Look at the unique border treatment on this one!

Amherst Seminar 2010 012

The pictures of this next one really don’t do it justice.  It’s called Tea at Tenby and the machine quilting (all on a domestic machine) is just unbelievable.

Amherst Seminar 2010 014

Amherst Seminar 2010 021 Amherst Seminar 2010 018

Amherst Seminar 2010 019

And another unique border treatment.
Amherst Seminar 2010 022

Amherst Seminar 2010 025

Amherst Seminar 2010 024

Amherst Seminar 2010 026

Amherst Seminar 2010 027

Sue is a wonderful, entertaining teacher and we got to hear the story behind The Beatles Quilt and The Space Quilt and saw slides of the various blocks.  Both of these quilts are now in the collection of the Museum of the American Quilters Society in Paducah, Kentucky.

I’ll save the rest of my pictures and tell you all about my other class with Debbie another day.


quiltmom said...

Beautiful quilts Irene,
They are really stunning- the one that is quilted on the domestic machine is totally amazing.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Sounds like you had a fun time at the workshops.
Warmest regards,

Joan said...

Sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot. I found a youtube video of Debbie Caffrey demonstrating one of her cutting techniques. It looks very interesting, I'll have to try it.

Tea at Tenby is gorgeous! The quilting is amazing, hard to believe it was done on a regular sewing machine. Someone has some mad quilting skills!

Jackie said...

I'd like to quilt ten percent as well as that. Wonderful!