Monday, September 27, 2010

Memories of Galveston

You have no idea how happy it makes me to have some quilting time again.

I purchased the fabric for this quilt in Galveston, I believe it was in 2005, when Onalee and I had a magical day there after having our fill of the Houston Quilt Show.  We spent a couple of hours in Quilts by the Bay before enjoying a meal on the waterfront watching the world go by.  I’ve decided to name this “Memories of Galveston”.

Memories of Galveston 005

It looks more than a little wrinkled in this picture and the reason why is slinking off in the background.  Why is it that no matter where in the house your pets are, the minute you lay something on the floor they have to lie on it?

Memories of Galveston 004

This could explain some of the wrinkles!!!!

I also finished up this little Christmas table runner made from a Charm Pack.

Christmas Tablerunner 002

I quilted this with metallic thread and as always, Tilly was very co-operative and I didn’t have any problems at all.

Christmas Tablerunner 005 I also finished this little strippy quilt called “Nursery Rhymes”.

Nursery Rhymes 001 

You might notice two little paws on the right of the picture!!!!

Nursery Rhymes 002

I got another quilt quilted this weekend too but I am still hand sewing the binding so I’ll wait until it’s finished to show you. 


Bunny said...

You sure have been a busy gal. Love all the quilts and your quilting is wonderful.

Joanne, Armstrong, said...

The Galveston quilt is a lovely reminder of why that traditional set stays with us. Makes me want to find a big print and quickly whip up some Irish chain blocks, but it would be more sensible to just add the idea to the to-do list.

Rian said...

Good to see you quilting again. Love the table runner---sweet! And thanks for pointing out the little paws, I might have missed that. It's like the moment you put a quilt on the floor the animals say "oh goody..."