Monday, January 17, 2011

Half Way There

We’re getting there – not fast enough for my liking, but I can see progress.

My sewing room is ‘almost’ finished.  Here’s a look at it empty after the floor was installed and it was painted.

Sewing Room Almost Finished 003

Now it looks like this:

Sewing Room Finished 003

Sewing Room Finished 001

Sewing Room Finished 006

I still have to put up window coverings and my design wall isn’t up yet either.  I had to order a flannel sheet from the Sears catalogue as I looked everywhere for a white flannel sheet and couldn’t find one.

Darren made me shelves in my closet and this has really increased my storage space. 

I PROMISE I am never, ever going to put piles in my room again.  This is going to be a pile free room from now on!

The rest of our house is still hopping though.  The upstairs bathrooms have been painted, and the wallpaper has been taken off all the hallway walls, but next we need to get the new hardwood installed, then the painters will come back and finish painting our bedroom and the upper and main floor hallways. 

Leo just called me and said the going rate to install hardwood is $2.00 a foot, which we expected, but what we didn’t expect was they want $2,000 to do 4 stairs – that’s right $2,000!!!!!  Why is nothing ever easy (or cheap, for that matter).  I’ve called Darren to see if he can help with the stairs, as he did the floor installation in my sewing room for me.

I still haven’t sewn a stitch, but I have been doing more knitting.

Socks 001

I really like the 2 pair on the left, but I’m not crazy about the striped ones. 

I’ve also knit a couple of these:

Frill Seeker Scarf

It’s actually a lot more attractive in person than in this picture.

Now comes my rant – my Dyson vacuum cleaner.  First, some background.  We have had central vac for years, but last year while Leo was away, it died – the motor burned out and I was desperate so I went out and bought a Dyson Animal.  Leo has hated this vacuum since day one, but I kept defending it – not because I really liked it, but because I didn’t want to admit he was right!  It’s heavy, the ball on the base makes it too large to go under anything (like a coffee table) using it as a portable needs a degree in rocket science in order to put it back together.

Naturally, when I need it most in the midst of this mess, the suction isn’t working.  I did everything recommended on the Dyson website but to no avail, so today I called them.  After almost an hour on the phone when they had me take this sucker (NOT) apart piece by piece, they determined that whatever is wrong with it is not something that can be fixed over the phone.  They are sending me a box to send it back for repair.

My poor cleaning ladies are going to earn their money this week!


Suzan said...

The room looks beautiful! Love those floors...

liz said...

I think your room looks very appealing. Won't be hard to sew in there!

I am about to get a new quilt room almost from scratch. Did you find a good resource with advice regarding design? I would love to find something like that.

Peggi said...

Aww, too bad you already ordered the flannel sheet. I would have suggested getting a couple of yards of el cheapo batting. I find my blocks stick to it MUCH better than the flannel!

Thanks for the info on the Dyson, I'd been thinking about getting one.

Mary said...

The room looks great but you're a much braver person than I am to claim there will never be piles again!!

Love the socks too!

Earlene said...

Irene, One of your scraps boxes should be labeled red-violet. Gotcha

Joan said...

Love your room! Promise me you'll take a picture a month or so after you get back to sewing. I want to see if it's still so neat and tidy!