Thursday, January 20, 2011

Questions & Answers

I had a number of questions on my last post, but unfortunately, they didn’t leave e-mail addresses so I could respond, so I’ll do it here.

Liz asked: 

“I am about to get a new quilt room almost from scratch. Did you find a good resource with advice regarding design? I would love to find something like that. “

There are a number of books out there on designing your space, but I find that most of them I couldn’t relate to my room because it’s so small.  I really think you have to find what works for you and how you like your room set up.  I love having my threads in easy reach, especially when I’m embroidering.  I also like my ironing board right beside my table for easy access.

Peggi asked:

“Aww, too bad you already ordered the flannel sheet. I would have suggested getting a couple of yards of el cheapo batting. I find my blocks stick to it MUCH better than the flannel! “

Actually, Peggi I did try batting on it but a certain little Molly cat found it before we were able to mount it on the wall and thought it would make a great scratching post.  When we woke up in the morning it was in shreds. 

Peggi also said:

Thanks for the info on the Dyson, I'd been thinking about getting one.

I know lots of people own Dyson’s and they love them but my experience has not been a good one.  As a follow-up, after my phone call on Monday, Dyson said I would receive a box on Tuesday to send it back to them for repair.  It’s Thursday and I’m still waiting for it to arrive.

I’m not too upset though, as when Leo came home on Monday night he went out and bought a new central vac unit.  I’m hoping Dyson will replace my vacuum and I’ll try and sell it.

Earlene wrote:

“Irene, One of your scraps boxes should be labeled red-violet. “

Yes, Earlene, it should be red-violet and not the P word, purple.  Earlene, or as she’s better known – Lee  - and I took a class a couple of years ago from a so-called colour expert and she said you should never use the word purple as it isn’t on the colour wheel – you should call it red-violet.

This same teacher spoke at our Guild last week and reminded us of this statement.  I won’t mention her name, but I was less than impressed with her both times I have heard her speak.  I just don’t buy what she says – i.e. – you should use a minimum of 50 fabrics and hues in a quilt in order to make it appealing.  What about 2 colour quilts – I’ve seen lots of those that I love!

Mary said:

“The room looks great but you're a much braver person than I am to claim there will never be piles again!! “

As I said to Mary, I was hoping that by putting it in writing it would keep me accountable – we’ll see!

And finally Joan said:

“Love your room! Promise me you'll take a picture a month or so after you get back to sewing. I want to see if it's still so neat and tidy! “

Joan, I promise I will take a picture in a couple of months but I can tell you right now, I’m sure it won’t be so neat and tidy.

I hate posting with no pictures, so here’s your cute fix for the day.

Ben July 2009 002

See that horrible carpet in the background – well it’s gone – all gone!!!!

Ben & Molly's New Toys 003

Molly loves her door toy.

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Mary said...

I keep thinking I need to stop working long enough to clean up my room but so far the urge to create has been way more powerful than the urge to clean!