Sunday, January 8, 2012

Normal is Still Good

I still haven’t figured out how to fix the font on my posts.  Every day is a new challenge with this computer – software isn’t Leo’s strong point and I know next to nothing about it, so I just get frustrated.  It’s taken me weeks to figure out Outlook as we used Outlook Express.  Enough moaning – well, for now anyway.

Some members of our Guild get together once a month to work on Cuddle Quilts to give to those less fortunate in the community.  My friend Lee and I took a bunch home before Christmas to quilt.  I didn’t get pictures of the first 2, but I did manage to remember to snap these two that I finished this weekend.  Doing these gives me a whole new respect for those who quilt for others.  Some of the seams have pleats, some seams were coming undone and they had pieced the batting, but rather than butting it together and zigzag stitching it, they put the two layers together, making it really bulky to quilt through.  I also have trouble working on something I don’t like.

Guild Quilt 003

Guild Quilt 001


Add cropping to the things I no longer know how to do with this new program Sad smile

I have quite a number of finished tops waiting to be quilted and I’ve promised myself that I won’t start any new projects until I’ve quilted a couple of those tops.  This is the next one on the list – I’m piecing the backing for it now. 

Blue & White Quilt Version 2 001


I made a different version of this quilt several years ago – it just had a different border.  Actually, I got carried away when I started cutting and ended up with enough blocks for 2 quilts.

Wedgewood Blues 005


Needless to say, I liked the other version better which explains why it got finished and this one didn’t!

I’m so happy with my orchid – there are 4 glorious blooms on it!

Orchid 002


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Joan said...

I hear you on quilting for others. Remember the group quilts we did on the forum we used to belong to? I had lots of fun with wonky blocks and seams, and color choices. Hard to believe that everyone isn't as anal as we are!

I love your blue quilt. And your orchid is stunning! I can't believe you watered it for 4 years waiting for it to bloom again! You are a very patient woman. :-)