Saturday, February 23, 2008


I hit the Jackpot today! My girlfriend and I took a trip to Buffalo to a little quilt store that was closing. EVERY bolt of fabric in the store was $3/yard - good quality, name brand fabric. I think I showed amazing restraint only buying 18 yards.

We also got our Joann fix, visited another quilt store which had a lovely fabric selection, and enjoyed a nice lunch. Who could ask for a nicer way to spend a Saturday!

There seems to be a lot of media attention being given lately equating people who accumulate a lot of 'stuff' to those who can't lose weight. The premise is that if you get rid of all the unnecessary stuff in your house, you will also be able to shed pounds - it's the excess stuff that's causing you to eat. I wonder if that also applies to fabric? If so, I now know the reason I'm overweight. Actually, I don't buy that theory for a minute, but it's an interesting thought process.


Dorothy said...

Hey I went to New York today too! Ticonderoga, about 9 hours from Buffalo, but we were in the same state at the same time. :o) I didn't buy any fabric though - toilet paper, a new mop head, and a pop up cat tent. Your day sounds like more fun.

Deb said...

Only 18 yards???? What were you thinking girl! Can you go back and get more?