Monday, December 1, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Here is the extent of my Christmas decorating:

I can't remember how many years ago I bought these gaudy balls (yes, they are pink!). I was going to make a gaudy ball wreath like Martha, but never got around to it. For my Canadian readers, I bought them when White Rose was going out of business, so you know it's been a good few years.

Since my spring wreath, complete with robin's nest, was still on our door, I decided today was as good a day as any to throw something together and hang it up. It's not terribly artistic and it's rather plain, but it's done and it's hanging up and sometimes done is better than perfect.

I'm still sticking to my "Christmas isn't happening in my life this year" motto - no tree, no decorations, no stress - yea, right.

Tomorrow is my turn to host our Stitch N Chat group, so I spent the morning baking - there are almond lemon bars, chocolate chip blondies and butter tart squares.

You'll notice I had to sample a couple to make sure they were fit for consumption.

I'm back on another round of antibiotics and prednisone as my nasty cough has returned. The ONLY good thing about being on prednisone is I can knit without my arthritis bothering me, so I've taken advantage of that and almost have my scarf finished.

Just a couple more inches and it will be ready to be blocked.


Suzan said...

It is my personal policy to taste everything I make before I present it to guests...just to be sure it isn't poisonous. (You can never be too careful!)

Anonymous said...

...good thing about being on prednisone is I can knit without my arthritis bothering me...

Now that's what I call a positive attitude.

I haven't put up decorations in two years. I'm debating going for a third.