Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue Rover, Blue Rover, It's Finally Over!

It's finally done and I have the holes in my finger to prove it!

Here's a shot of the back where you can see the quilting a bit better.

I put a striped bias binding on it as I just love the look of stripes on the bias. Thanks again to Mary who provided the pattern for this quilt.

A lot of you have asked what I'm going to do with it. A couple who have worked for Leo for over 30 years are retiring in July. They are a salt of the earth couple who are moving back to Newfoundland to enjoy their retirement. I know they will appreciate this and it will give me a lot of pleasure to give it to them. Harry has always referred to Leo as 'Mr. Leo' which has always amused me, so here's what I put on the label.

Leo has hit another bump in the road. He had an angiogram this week and they found two major blockages so want to put stents in as quickly as possible. He is going back in on Tuesday for the procedure and hopefully will be home again on Wednesday. I sure wish we could get on a road that was less bumpy - this one's making me sick!


Joan said...

That quilt is just gorgeous! And the quilting is so fabulous, I love it! What a lucky couple, I know they will be overjoyed. Hope you get some pics when they open it!

Hugs to you and Leo, the waiting is awful isn't it? And take of yourself too.

Jackie said...

The binding is wonderful! Worth your sore fingers.

Sorry to hear that your Leo is having a procedure but glad it was discovered before it was more serious. I'll be thinking of you both.

Mary said...

Irene, I'll be thinking of you and Leo on Tuesday...we were just in the hospital yesterday for a procedure (on Keith) and while his was diagnostic reminded me how much we take our good health for granted.

I love your Blue Rover!

Vicki W said...

It's a beautiful quilt and I love the bias stripe binding.

Bunny said...

I will be thinking of you on Tuesday, prayers on the way.

Your quilt is amazing and so is the quilting and I love striped borders. Wonderful.

SandyQuilts said...

Hey girl I checked out those points ... they're perfect. You did a super, terrific, wonderful job.

I'm sorry to read about Leo. Wish I could be there with you.

Your sis

Rian said...

The quilt is lovely. Best wishes to Leo, and the doctors that treat him.

Randi said...

Love that quilt! I hope all is going smoothly for Leo.

ivoryspring said...

Lovely colors!