Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Weekend is Here

I took a vacation day today as I had an appointment at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto with a dental pathologist - who even knew there was such a thing? It took me just under 2 hours to drive in this morning for a 9:30 A.M. appointment and it took just over 30 minutes to drive home. Morning rush hour - you have to love it!

I was just glad the Tamils weren't demonstrating today so the road wasn't closed. If they had been, I would have run them over - honest! I think it's disgusting what they are allowed to do, but I digress.

I have a lovely disease in my mouth called Lichen Planus. If you click on the link, you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about it. Bottom line - it's painful and something you just have to learn to live with. I've had it for years, but when I saw a specialist about the arthritis in my jaw, he suggested I see another specialist to see if I could get some relief. I've been given yet another prescription so we'll see what happens.

Not wanting to waste my afternoon, I laid out my Blue Rover on the living room floor - it seemed to be the only place big enough to lay it all out.

I've tried to look this over with eagle eyes to make sure a block isn't turned the wrong way. It wouldn't be the first time I've sewn everything together then noticed a block or row was wrong.

This is one of the first quilts I ever made called Pointless Wonder. I was so proud of it until I noticed that the top row was on the wrong way - and worst of all, I didn't notice until the whole thing was quilted. Well, needless to say, it stayed that way and the recipient doesn't seem to mind.


Bunny said...

Oh poor you. Hope the prescription gives you some relief.
I love your Blue Rover quilt it is wonderful. I also love your first quilt too cute.
You made me laugh out loud when I read about the Tamils you should hear the conversation with my son and hubby watching the news LOL.
Feel better.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

They are both beautiful and you would be the only one to know that a star was turned the wrong way!

Jackie said...

The Blue Rover quilt is cute! How are you going to quilt it?

I hope you feel better soon and that the new meds will work!

Mary said...

It's gorgeous in blues -- makes me want to pull mine out and admire it. I really miss having a house with lots of guest rooms where I can display my quilts.

Sorry to hear that the problem is chronic vs something they can treat and get rid of. Hope the new med gives you some relief.