Sunday, June 28, 2009

Squares & Bugs

I can't believe my week of vacation is almost over and I've spent most of it sick. I did get a spurt of energy yesterday though and got my Boxed Squares sewn together.

I also pieced the backing fabric - it might be a bit busy, but the colours worked quite well and it's been sitting in my stash for quite some time.

While I was sewing my Boxed Squares on "Baby Ben" (it's cute and it's little and it's black, just like my baby),

I was doing some multi-tasking and stitching these little guys out.

I can't quite decide if they look like ladybugs or little aliens - maybe a little of both? There are 10 in the set, then I'll make a little baby quilt out of them - at least that is the plan.


Deb said...

the quilt looks great Irene, and the bugs are sooo cute! Hope you will feel better soon. What a bummer to be sick on vacation!

Anonymous said...

The bugs will definitely be cute on a baby quilt. I do like the back you have on your boxes--I like a busy back, everybody turns over the quilt to see the underside, so I like to make them interesting.

Sorry to hear you were sick on your holiday. Dang! This has just not been your year!