Friday, May 28, 2010

I Must Be Sick

I pre-ordered an iPad ages ago as I was totally convinced I HAD to have one. Then, on Wednesday night, I cancelled my order. Cleaning out my Mother’s house has affected me more than I realized but I started thinking that all this wonderful device would do was help me spend even more time on a computer. I have a desktop, I have a laptop – why do I need another one? I must admit my decision was also influenced by the fact that I couldn’t load EQ into it, nor could I run my embroidery software from it. Oh, well, I may change my mind, but for today I’m happy with my decision.

This is what I accomplished this week.

Berry Christmoose 002

It’s McKenna Ryan’s Berry Christmoose. This has been sitting in a drawer for at least 4 years - I'm sure it's glad to see the light of day. I haven’t quilted it yet and I intend to add some bling with crystals on the tree lights and star.

I also got my simple bright quilt quilted – here’s a preview but I’m working on the binding now so I’ll post a picture of the whole quilt when it’s finished.

Modern Art 005

We’ve had record breaking temperatures this week and our air conditioner decided to die on us last weekend. We had a new one installed yesterday so last night was the first night it’s been bearable in this house all week.

I didn’t sleep much though – I’m excited about picking up my new car today!!!!



Deb Levy said...

You've been busy! Both quilts look great. Nice car too :)

Rian said...

Way cool car! The quilts are gorgeous. I have lusted after an iPad for a while but, like you, I don't need to spend more time online. Trying to cut back.

Joan said...

Aww, the wallhanging is adorable! The bright quilt is beautiful too, as is that new car! Are you enjoying it?

I was watching the news tonight showing lineups of people waiting to get their hands on an iPad and wondering if you had yours. I think you made a good decision, I feel the same way about my iPod touch. I should have spent the money on fabric!

Jackie said...

Gorgeous car!

Your Christmas quilt is wonderful and I love your idea of putting some bling on it.

Mary said...

Not to change your mind but I find the iPad helps me jump on and off quicker because I'm not waiting for the laptop to boot up but I agree it would be nice to have EQ on it!