Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings

How did it get to be May?  Why is it over 80 degrees in my sewing room?  Well, I just solved the heat issue and turned on the A/C. 

I’ve finished all the blocks for my Trail Mix and started putting them on my design wall.

Trail Mix 002

The jury is still out.  One thing I can tell you is there is one hell of a lot of piecing in this baby!

I found this when I was cleaning out my Mum’s house.  It’s a Singer 328 but I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m sure it hasn’t been serviced for over 20 years.

Singer 328

I could never understand people that had more than one sewing machine but I may have to eat my words as there are now 4 in my sewing room – no wonder I don’t have any room in there!

Every spring when we open our pool we have some visitors.  I’m not sure if they are the same ones every year, but they always show up and have a little swim, then take off.

Ducks 003

Leo took this picture – I guess he doesn’t know how to use the zoom on my camera!  Anyway, hope you can see the ducks.

Turns out my memory isn’t as bad as I thought.  Dorothy IS from Waterford and is familiar with the old Train Station.  She also asked me why they call the quilt I’m working on Trail Mix.  I have no idea, other than it is a mix of fabrics with a trail running through it???  That’s my answer and I’m sticking to it.


Mary said...

I'm liking the quilt.

I wish I had room to set up more than one machine in my sewing room. It would be nice to leave one seet up for binding.

Rian said...

Love, love, LOVE that quilt!!!!

I discovered a Singer Featherweight in my MIL's possessions. She didn't even know she had it--she had a lot of stuff. I absconded with it, cleaned it up, and not that I actually USE it, it is fun to have. Counting the FW and a Serger that I also never use, I have 6 machines. I think it's time to lighten up.

I can see the ducks.

Silverthimble said...

I just love your version of Trail Mix! I am also working on this pattern--as a leader/ender project. I am sure this one will take a long time to finish, because as you say, there is a lot of piecing in this one!