Friday, May 21, 2010

My Trail is Over

Here it is, the completed Trail Mix.

Trail Mix 002

I put a flange on by the binding. I’d done one on the inner border before, but never one by the binding. I like the look it gives the finished border and since you apply it after the top is quilted, it doesn't get in the way of the quilting, like one on the inner border does.

Trail Mix 006

I used the panto Vibrance to quilt this but I had trouble getting a good shot showing the quilting.

Trail Mix 008

I attended a baby shower last Sunday and I knitted this blanket for the baby.

Baby Blanket 003

The baby’s Grandma is a quilter, so I knew she would be making a quilt for the baby, so I thought something knitted would be welcome too – in case you’re wondering about my colour choice – they know it’s a girl!

I haven’t decided what to start working on next. Heaven knows I have enough things to pick and choose from. I’m also sitting on my hands trying not to order this:

Lovebird Lane

I swear when it’s slow at work it costs me money! It’s been VERY slow lately, so I’ve had nothing but time to surf Ebay, Etsy, all the Quilting Forums and blogs. Someone on the APQS forum just posted this. It’s called Lovebird Lane and it’s a Block of the Month. I need another Block of the Month like I need more fabric, but I’m very tempted to order it.

I almost forgot to tell you my BIG news! I won the most improved bowler at our bowling banquet last Saturday. My average improved by 22.6 pins over last year and I won $125. Every member of our team won $157 each for our placement in the league (and we were in the middle – I’d like to know what the top place teams won). That would more than pay for this little quilt – right?


SandyQuilts said...

Oh boy it turned out wonderful. I love it.

You should post about it over at Amy's

janet said...

Love the quilt, it's just beautiful. I love the blanket too, I am also a knitter and quilter. It's so much fun to do both, and new projects call faster than the time to do them!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Love the flange. It's almost like piping. I want to try piping around a border on a couple of my quilts...

Joan said...

Your Trail Mix quilt turned out great! I love the flange idea, I've done it a few times myself and it's a nice added touch.

Gorgeous baby blanket too, what a lucky baby.

Have you ordered Lovebird Lane yet? I think your prize at bowling was meant to be spent on that quilt! Go for it!

Vicki W said...

Trail Mix is fabulous! I love scrappy intricate quilts with millions of pieces.

Mary said...

It looks great and I love a flange too. They are much easier when they're just before the binding though.