Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the Show

My lack of a voice turned into a full blown asthma attack which has necessitated me being back on prednisone.  You all know how much I HATE that drug but it does explain why I’m up, dressed and don’t know what to get up to at 4 A.M.
Now back to the Quilt Show.
This Dear Jane was done by Karen Horn and she is also working on a hand pieced I Spy which is just as intricate. 
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 014
My friend and cohort from Paducah, Margaret, did this beauty.
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 016
We picked out the fabrics on a trip to Mennonite country last summer. 
Here she is with her Pumpkins table topper.  I love this pattern and it’s on my to do list (I think it’s #432).
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 023
Also from Margaret is our Quilt Diva.  She picked up this pattern on a trip to Buffalo last fall and I swear by the time I got my stuff out of the bags, she had her Diva finished!
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 040
Another friend and cohort from Paducah, Diane made this beautiful Block of the Month quilt from Marti Michell’s Anniversary Waltz pattern.
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 019
This jacket was in one of the Vendor’s booths and I really liked it.
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 022
A jacket class is also on my to-do list, but I want to make one that is properly fitted and not just based on an oversized sweatshirt.
Now for some quilts by Bunny Wood.  What can I say about Bunny – just that she is one of the most talented people I know.  Her talents are limitless – she pieces, she machine quilts she does machine embroidery, hand embroidery, thread painting, makes the most beautiful clothes you’ve ever seen and I’m sure she has many other talents that I’m not aware of.  Check out the link to her blog – you won’t be disappointed.
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 026
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 043
Bunny's Quilt
I didn’t get the quilter’s name on this – she’s probably in the looney bin by now anyway after finishing this “Oh My Gosh” – isn’t it gorgeous!

Edited to add:  Bunny just let me know that this was done by Robin Petty - thanks Bunny.

Quilts in the Gardens 2011 032
This beautiful wool felted piece was done by Rosemary Makhan.
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 035
I believe Rosemary did this one too, but I could be wrong – doesn’t happen often – just ask Leo :-)
Quilts in the Gardens 2011 036
I have a few more pictures to share, but I’ll save those for another day.


Bunny said...

Oh my I am blushing thanks for the compliments how sweet of you. I have not posted any photos of our quilt show so I think I will send them here to your blog because you captured wonderful photos, they are much better than the ones I took. I did not have my good camera with me. Thanks again for your kind words.

Bunny said...

Oops forgot to say that the Omygosh is made by Robin Petty. Hug