Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mystery Quilt

Looking through my Webshots album, I came to the realization that I have finished exactly ONE project this year – my Blooming Nine Patch.  How discouraging is that!

I have been working on a Mystery Quilt from Border Creek Station and have really enjoyed the process.  However, I just finished putting some of the blocks together and was very disappointed to see that one of my fabric choices is all wrong – the stars disappear into the background.

Mystery Quilt 001


Mystery Quilt 003

I toyed with the idea of just leaving them, but knew I’d never be happy, so yesterday I went all over the place trying to find another fabric to replace the brown star points.

I came up with this:

Mystery Quilt 2 002

but I’ve decided this is too ‘white’ and doesn’t really look right.  Back to the drawing board!

Leo’s spring garden is starting to bloom and since I don’t have completed quilts to show you, I’ll share some of his flowers.  We have lots of different daffodils:

Spring Flowers 003

Spring Flowers 006

 Spring Flowers 007

Spring Flowers 015

The magnolia tree is just about ready to bloom:

Spring Flowers 012

The hyacinth smell lovely when you open the front door:

Spring Flowers 005

The tulips are just starting to bloom – this is a pretty colour:

Spring Flowers 014

I had a lovely Mother’s Day lunch at Sandra & Darren’s, followed by a visit to my Mum.  I usually visit her in the morning as she gets more agitated as the day goes on – today was no exception.  Happy Mother’s Day to all who are Mothers, and especially to those who have lost their Mother.


Mary said...

That's one reason I don't like mysteries, I like to see and adapt quilts before I make them. I like the white for what it's worth.

corina said...

The quilt is beautiful. You could always outline the star with a decorative stitch in a darker or lighter color to make it pop.