Monday, May 30, 2011

Construction Everywhere

I’ve been working away on the construction truck quilt.
Construction Quilt 002
Construction Quilt 001
I needed a grey background to imitate a road and thought Stonehenge would be perfect.  I couldn’t find any around here, so Sandra & I made a trip to Buffalo this weekend.  I couldn’t find any there either, but I did find a Jinny Byer fabric that I think will work just as well.  The cement truck above isn’t on the background yet – it’s just on my design wall.

We had a great day shopping and got some great deals!  Sandra is really good about checking all the department store websites and getting coupons, shopping passes, etc. and both Macy’s and Lord & Taylor offer an out of state discount to shoppers travelling.  The stuff was so cheap we couldn’t leave it in the store!

On the way home, I took a different route as I wanted to cross at the Peace Bridge as there is usually much less traffic at that crossing.  I really like my GPS – it’s built into my car and it gives me the option of various routes – shortest, fastest, etc.  What it doesn’t have that I really think would be useful is an “avoid ghetto” route!  We drove through some pretty sketchy neighbourhoods and I was really nervous.  I kept thinking this is the kind of place where you hear of drive by shootings and for once in my life I wished I had darkly tinted windows so nobody could see two women alone inside the car!

It got me thinking – I don’t think there are any neighbourhoods in Toronto that I would be afraid to drive through.  Sure, there are some worse than others, but I’ve never been really scared.  Are there areas in your town/city that you would never drive through? 

I didn’t feel like sewing yesterday, so I finally finished a pair of socks I’ve been working on for ages.  My friend Margaret gifted me this wool and they turned out great.  The yarn is Mini Mochie and is really soft.
They aren’t identical but strangely enough, this doesn’t bother me.  The part you see below your pant legs looks the same, so I can live with the tops being different.  This made me think of another question – do you always get your striping yarn socks to match?  I started them both from 2 different balls, but they were wound differently so I just started knitting – life’s too short!

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Deb Levy said...

Cute blocks Irene! And I love the wouldn't bother me either that they weren't exactly the same.

And yes, there are places in this city I would not go.