Saturday, December 22, 2007

Breakfast With My Girls

This is Britney and Madison - my 'adopted' grand-daughters. My good friend has these two beautiful little granchildren and I don't have any, so she kindly let me adopt them. Britney just turned 7 (she's wearing the sweater and blouse we gave her for her birthday) and Madison will be 5 on January 2nd. With all our busy schedules, we managed to fit in breakfast this morning to exchange gifts. Britney is a real girly girl (my kind of girl!) and loves to dress up in pretty dresses - the fancier the better. She's really into jewellery this year, so Santa obliged with a ring, bracelet and necklace. Maddie is more of a tomboy but is such a little sweetheart. Santa brought her the cute little poodle purse in the picture at the top and lots of My Little Pony goodies.

Seeing the girls was what I needed to bring back the wonder of Christmas. They are so excited and assured me they had been very good so Santa was bound to bring them everything they wanted. They both love Ben and sent me home with lots of goodies for him - including a great Santa outfit - stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

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SandyQuilts said...

Oh my what beautiful girls .... glad you guys had such good fun.