Monday, December 22, 2008

Customer Service

I am starting to feel better, so yesterday I decided I would give Tillie a run and finish a small quilt I've had loaded on her for ages. Since she hasn't been running for a while, I gave her a good oiling and while I was doing so, managed to get a wad of batting that I was using as a rag completely wound around my bobbin casing and the machine just stopped. All the lights were working but I couldn't get it to stitch.

I posted on the APQS Forum (which is wonderful, by the way) and Nadia, a fellow Canadian from Vancouver Island knew right away what my problem was. The machines that are sold in Canada are all CSA approved and have two extra fuses and she suspected one of these fuses had blown. She contacted APQS and this morning THEY CALLED ME to walk me through finding which fuse was blown and told me how to replace it. In today's day and age this type of customer service is unheard of and I just wanted to give kudos to both Nadia and APQS. They really are a wonderful company and I have nothing but good things to say about them, their customer service and their machines!

So, since I couldn't quilt yesterday, I thought I'd give these tree napkins that Deb has been making a try. If I'd known how easy they were, I'd have tried them a long time ago!

When I had the camera out, Ben was complaining that I hadn't taken his picture for a while, so here he is, my little snow dog.

This picture of Abby arrived in my In-Box this morning with the caption "Spot the Impostor".

It sure feels good to finally have some energy back! Now if we could just postpone Christmas for a month, I could actually make everything I had planned to.


quiltmom said...

HI Irene, I hope that you are feeling better and almost ready for Christmas.
I loved your picture of Ben- he could be our dog Dusty's twin ( escept she is a girl) We are told she is a schnoodle- She is eight and came to us when a friend moved to Halifax from Edmonton where I live. She has lots of attitude and we are enjoying having her as a pet. We did have another dog named Venus who we had to put down last February as she developed canine bloat. We had had her since she was a puppy so our son was quite devastated when we lost her.
Check out blackberry creek home arts ( link is on my blog) if you would like to see another twin to Ben...

I hope you got a chance to use your sewing machine - its always nice when one gets down to using it.
Its always nice to meet other Canadian quilters. You can find me at

Season's greetings to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are getting back in the game. Christmas will somehow be okay even if everything isn't done "just so."

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Ben looks mighty cute with that snow beard. What a sweetie.

Mary said...

Cute napkins - I love your fabric choices. I'm actually going to use the set Deb made me this week!

I can't believe Ben sat there with the snow on his face....Chesty would have been rubbing his dry!

OnaleeS said...

Ben and Rusty would be such great pals...Rusty collects so many snowballs on his legs, sometimes he can hardly walk, then he spends time in the laundry room melting off!...Drifts are so bad after yesterday's blizzard we'll (meaning Rex) will have to shovel a pathway so Rusty and DeDe can do their duties. I'm so happy you are feeling better...makes us appreciate good health and having energy once more. Hugs...Tell Sandra I love her kitten picture...

Love the napkins...

Joan said...

Love the pic of Ben with the snowy beard! It's been so cold here I have to put booties and a coat on my poor puppy just so he can go out and quickly do his business!

Those napkins are gorgeous...I love your fabrics! I'd love to make some, is there a pattern or tutorial?